Feedback & Testimonials

from previous clients, coworkers, and employers.

Jessica is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever met. Her attention to detail and ability to match a specific “tone” or “theme” that a client is going after, is amazing. Any business that would request any form of ‘creative’ work from Jessica is in store for some astounding work.

— Matthew Anderson, Entercom

Jessica has a very pleasant demeanor at work and is quick to assist and take charge whenever called upon. A very bright lady!

— Sterling Williams, Entercom

I’ve had the pleasure of having Jessica Johnston in several classes at Johnson County Community College and can attest to the outstanding character of Jessica. She has always been prompt, conscientious, respectful—and respected by—others in her class. Even as a student Jessica demonstrated professionalism with her meticulous craft and original solutions to her projects with the highest of standards. I would welcome Jessica on my team anytime. All of us at JCCC sincerely wish Jessica the very best in all her future endeavors.

— Craig Hetler, JCCC, Professor

Jessica was my student when I was teaching an introductory design course at Johnson County Community College.

Throughout the semester she consistently stood out for her creativity and the work she put into her projects. Her attitude and aspirations were far more mature than most of her classmates and, by my observation of her career progress over the last several years, she still carries those traits and has built on them.

I would without reservation recommend her for any position you may consider her for.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.

— Tom Truman, Marketing Creative Director, Med James Inc.

I have always been impressed with Jessica’s design skills, especially her layout and web work. She works fast and comes up with great ideas. I would highly recommend her for anyone’s design team.

— Mark Zeller, Freelance Designer

Jessica’s graphic design work is always creative, professional, and finished before the deadline. She has a great attitude, and would recommend her to any client.

— Benjamin Warner, Entercom

Jessica is an insanely talented Web and print designer. Not only does she have a wonderful aesthetic, but she also knows the technical side such as coding forwards and backwards.

She’s not someone you have to help along. She’s quite the opposite, when I worked as her intern she had an infinite amount of patience with helping me on technical things I was new to. Thanks to her I have a plethora of new skills.

Jessica would be an extremely good addition to any company seeking someone with a broad spectrum of skills.

— Joseph Warren Wheeler, Art Director at Jar-O-do at Universal Manufacturing

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica while she was a web designer at Entercom Broadcasting. Within our industry, we many times have to meet tight deadlines and Jessica was willing to work hard to finish the project within the time limit; always delivering a creative and detailed finished product, completely capturing the client’s vision in creating the perfect message to our audience members. I would be happy to work with Jessica again and I know she will be a valued asset to any team!

— Sarah Falke, Senior Account Executive, Entercom

Jessica has worked on several of my client’s graphic design projects. Jessica is always cheerful around the office and easily approachable when working and collaborating on those particular projects. She is open to suggestion and also open to suggesting which can be helpful when working on deadlines. In the end, always an efficient, job well done.

— Jason Rhamy, Account Executive, Sandweiss-Koster

Jessica has amazing skills in web design and visual arts. We worked on many projects, from designing banner ads to building out an entire radio station website, and she always did great work, usually better than what I had imagined. She worked well under the pressure of the radio industry and brought new levels of creativity to our brands.

— Mark Edwards, Online Presence, Social Media, Branded Content Innovator

Jessica is a very hard worker and will work until the job is done right. Her talent for design can be seen in many different forms from Web Design and Print to iPhone and Billboard Design. She’s a real team player and I would work with her any day.

— Jake Love, Corporate Web Developer, Entercom

I worked with Jessica at Entercom while she was on our net-marketing staff. As a technical producer, I understand how important perfect execution of material, whether on air or online can be. With net marketing still in relative infancy when compared to over the air broadcasting, it is especially essential that the online tools for marketing be presented at their best. Jessica’s diligence to detail and design, whether in print, graphics or a combination of audio & video has made a positive impression not only to our online advertisers, but has also enhanced the overall radio listener experience. I would highly recommend her professional skills, sense of cooperation and gentle good humor as a welcome addition to your company.

— Jay Edwards, Technical Producer NewsRadio 980AM/98.1FM KMBZ & WDAF 106-5 The Wolf, Entercom

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica while she worked as a web designer and content manager for Entercom Radio. Here creative abilities and knowledge of market trends enabled her to develop unique campaigns that allowed others to stand above the rest! Looking for a different or unique approach to branding and/or marketing Jessica can certainly deliver in the creative to assist you in achieving your goals!

— Tammy Saum, Distributor Sales Consultant at Salon Service Group

Had the pleasure of working with Jessica at Entercom where she managed our music sites in Kansas City. She was a very detail oriented and was always quick to complete projects, had rockin design skills and was always pleasant to work with.

— Charlie Lybecker, Front End Website Developer and User Support Specialist

Radio as an industry has survived advents like TV, CDs, and now MP3s partly because it is a ubiquitous media. But mostly because it still attracts cultural creatives like Jessica who seem to come into the industry long enough to reinvent a brand (or half a dozen in her case) then either move up or out to lend their style to the next lucky product, service or industry. Jessica’s got a sharp, edgy eye for design that has kept our brands artistically competitive in KC. And she has a very rare quality for people of her talent level…she’s a team player.

— Tom Ross, National Creative Director, Entercom

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jessica at Entercom Kansas City. Jessica played a key role in the creation of The Buzz’s first-ever iPhone app. She contributed to the conceptual work for the app, and also delivered stunning graphics for the entire product – which went well beyond standard-issue radio apps, featuring a unique blog layout and a robust UGC photo share capability. Through it all, Jessica possessed a can-do attitude that matched her skills note for note. I always knew she could be counted on and would over-deliver.

— Joe Rosenthal, Associate Director of User Experience, Ogilvy & Mather

Jessica was one of the best web people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Creative, smart designs. It’s a shame our company didn’t have the smarts to keep her around.

— Gregg Todt, Johnny Dare Morning Show Producer, Entercom

I couldn’t say enough good about Jessica’s work. I sold her a home when we were both in radio and it was really hard catching her to deal with home stuff because EVERYONE needed her for something! Not surprising because she does incredible work. She is not only a true artist but she has the most wonderful mind and heart. A true professional with a keen eye for excellence.

— Karen Barber, Reece and Nichols O’Connor and Associates

I had a great experience working with Jessica. She was easy to work with and responded to questions in a timely manner. She was professional and very business like. I highly recommend Jessica.

— Chad Palmer, Advantage Mobile Marketing

Its a shame I can only choose 3 attributes for Jessica because she more than meets the criteria for all 7 given, Jess not only designed our corporate logo but has been an indispensable resource for ideas on our website design and other branding efforts. Not only would I use Jess again, I wouldn’t even consider using anyone else, for any reason. I would highly recommend Jess for any branding or web design projects, she is incredibly creative and one of the most responsive professionals I’ve ever worked with.

— Gary McClure, Hipchime Mobile Marketing

Jess is a great designer, very creative and prolific to boot. I would hire her in a heartbeat.

— Eric Linberg, Senior Software Developer at BA Services, LLC

I hired Jessica to develop our website in 2012 and I must say I have been through this process many times in the past and no one has compared to the level of service or creativity Jessica brought to the table. Jessica was truly a PLEASURE to work with. She responded to my requests timely and with solutions. I would definitely work with her again! Thanks Jessica.

— Rick Neuman, Company President at Wireless Concepts of Wisconsin Corp

Jessica is highly knowledgeable in her field of business and is extremely good at what she does. She is capable of quickly turning around projects, websites, you name it, while at the same time creating beautiful end results that her clients absolutely love. She is an absolute delight to work with and I enjoyed not only getting to know her on a professional level but on a personal level as well, she’s an all around catch. I am glad to have worked with her and gotten the pleasure of gainling knowledge from her since she is also so willing to help others. I highly recommend Jessica Johnston!

— Allison Peerson, Account Manager, AvidMobile

I worked with Jessica while she was slinging it at the Buzz. Great videos, great photo passes and web promotions, great person! I am just waiting for another opportunity to wrangle with her creativity again!!

— Todd Zimmer, Photographer

Dynamo designer and a pretty kick ass person! My profile pic was her brain child as well.

— Chris Merrill, KOGO, New Radio 600

Why wouldn’t I recommend her work? It is fabulous. Take a look for yourselves and see. Jessica ROCKS!

— Karen Barber, Realtor

Jessica was very easy and affordable to work with. She easily captured the vision I was looking for without a lot of back and forth confusion. I recommend working with her on any project and will use her services again in the future.

— Dan Carlson, Sin7 (Band)

Jess is very talented and great to work with. We love our new logo and other design work Jess has done for us!

— Stacy Reeves, PetEx Rescue ‘n Transport

Jess just finished a painting of my little bear (dog) Baker! It turned out so good! I’ll definitely be commissioning her for more work!

— Karra Small

Working with Jessica was a dream. Work was completed promptly, clarifications were swift and she ensured the end result was achieved successfully. No job was too small for her complete attention and she performed as a true partner.

— Erin Sass, Integrated Marketing Manager, Lockton Affinity

Jess is amazing. Her work speaks for itself. She’s a true jack-of-all-trades, moving from graphic design to UX to development seamlessly. She’s also great to work with: focused, highly intelligent, and fun!

— Megan Zander, Content Strategist at VML

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica on numerous WordPress projects. Simply put – she is awesome at her job! Jess provides the necessary attention to detail that is required of developers – she thinks everything through, offers suggestions and is willing to go above and beyond to do the research to find just the right solution. Not only is Jess creative and a WordPress guru – she is a GREAT person! Her positive attitude and cheerful disposition is immediately noticed – through phone calls, in-person… and it is greatly shown in her work. I would highly recommend Jessica Johnston – her creative and technical abilities have no boundaries.

— Angie Coakley, Client Relations Supervisor, R/P Marketing Public Relations

Jessica had a great attitude, even in a work environment that didn’t really promote such. She was a team player, truly creative, and made working with her a pleasure.

— Mark Groves, Copywriter & Audio Creator