The Ceremony

Wedding Location

Please join us at the Loose Park Rose Garden in the heart of Kansas City as we celebrate our union in marriage.

The Reception

After the Ceremony

After the Ceremony, our Reception will take place at Painted Hills Golf Course in Kansas City, KS.


Will you be attending?

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We’d like to receive all RSVPs by June 30th, 2018.

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Our Story

Her View:

Ethan and I met when I was a senior in high school, just weeks before my eighteenth birthday. I was in the parking lot of oak park mall with a group of friends when he spotted me but didn’t say anything. However, in true millennial fashion he found out who I was and “slid in my DMs.” From the beginning he remained a gentleman and we quickly became best friends. I was hesitant about dating but he won me over with the genuine care and attention he gave to me as well as my son, who was one at the time. Ethan would always ask “do you two need anything” and many times he would do things without my asking. Then one day he said, “Victoria, I know he’s your number one and that’s okay, just give me the opportunity to be number two.” That let me know he understood where my priorities were and he never asked for me to waiver. From then we have been inseparable, even with the difficulties. Over the course of our relationship we have experienced long nights studying, deaths of loved ones, the birth of our daughter and so much more that’s bound us closer. Now it’s time for us to make our commitment to love and support one another known to those we love most. Let’s celebrate!

His view:

We actually met through Facebook lol, I, of course, initiated it. We started conversing and I really felt a vibe with Victoria. I knew she had a son and I didn’t have any kids so I was nervous. It’s crazy to think that was almost 9 years ago and Jaylen has always been a son to me in my eyes. We started a relationship but I knew she would be leaving Kansas City to go to KU. At the time I was kind of living wild but I knew in my heart and gut I didn’t want to lose Victoria. So, I scraped up the money to rent one of the cheapest apartments I could find in Lawrence but it never mattered because I was with her. I never knew we would last this long but I always prayed for it. She’s the only person that has made me truly happy.


Our Song

We don’t really a “song” but we enjoy listening to Lyfe Jennings, especially Must Be Nice.

October 24th

Saniya is born

Our beautiful daughter Saniya is born.

Her view: I was not expecting to have a baby and graduate from college a little over a week apart but I’m so glad Ethan finally got to enjoy the beginning stages of being a father, even if i was the only one that wanted her to be a girl.

His view: Years went by, our relationship was growing, it was her last year before she graduates and she gets pregnant with Saniya so we move to Lenexa. At the time I wanted a boy but I couldn’t dream of a better family to have.

May 3rd

Our Engagement

Ethan proposes!

Her view: I knew before we boarded the plane to leave Kansas that I’d come back from our trip engaged. Mainly because Ethan cannot keep a secret from me and also because we had just looked at rings a few days before. (Plus I walked downstairs when he was discussing with his dad where to keep the ring, but I didn’t let on). What I didn’t know was when. So every day I would try my best to look abnormally cute. Then it was beach day and I was sure it was going to happen…but, no. We got back to our room and everyone was tired from the heat so we took a nap. The pillow was wearing my makeup and of course that’s when he decided to pop the question. If you’ve ever seen the video that’s why I ask “you’re doing this now?” Ha! But it was perfect because fireworks were going off as they did on the ride home from our first date.

His view: Before Saniya turned one we went on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas and while on the balcony in the middle of the ocean, I thought it was the perfect time to pop the question. The moon was shining on the dark water and she said yes. Now I’m here about to live happily ever after with my beautiful queen.

February 12th

Our Wedding

We both knew we wanted an intimate outdoor wedding. The date was chosen because it had to be during the summer and I like a repetition of numbers in dates. I’m weird like that. But August 18, 2018 stood out because the biblical meaning of the numbers 1 and 8, unity and new beginnings. What better symbolic numerology than that?

August 18th

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