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…buy from the Onion to put your actual gift in- thus tricking the gift-receiver into thinking they got a really lame gift, only to open it up to the surprise…

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Best Netflix Movies Summer 2014

…drama ensues. The Gift WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: I dig these kinda eery, supernatural-esque movies from the early 2000’s and The Gift definitely fits in that category. Set in…

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Jessica J.

…other things i dig ranting about: Reviewing Netflix Movies Posting Design Tips, Tools & Humor Learning about Great People Finding Random Cool Websites Finding Fun Geek Gifts Posting my favorite…

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Girl Wearing Suspenders Black and white

Things I Love: Suspenders

…now, i’ll own ’em. Just another example of my general nerdiness & obvious girl geek personality- as well as the blaring fact that i’m 80 years old at heart. A…

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