Project 2025 is Alarming & Dystopian

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Donald Trump & Project 2025 Wants to Take Away Your Freedom

Project 2025 is Alarming & Dystopian

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Donald Trump & his fascist conservative coalition, Project 2025, want to take away your rights. Your freedom. They want to install Trump as America’s first dictator and follow what the Bible says, instead of the Constitution. Republicans don’t just want to take us back to the 1800s; they want to completely reform how the United States is run. Project 2025 is a dystopian, Republican pipe-dream.

Project 2025, a conservative initiative spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation, is a strategic plan put forth by conservative groups in the U.S. with the aim of fundamentally reshaping the federal government if the Orange Menace wins the 2024 presidential election. This bat-shit crazy plan aims to implement an extensive set of policies that can only be described as alarmingly radical, the rightest of the right-wing and insanely transformative to democracy in America as we know it— and have known it for our country’s 248 years in existence. Think of Project 2025 as a Republican playbook for overhauling the way the entire U.S. government operates, emphasizing a significant reduction in federal regulations, cutting down on environmental protections, and shifting more power to the states.

To quote USA Today journalist Rex Huppke, from his recent article, Biden? Harris? I don’t care. Stopping Trump and Project 2025 is all that matters:

Project 2025 is very real and very scary, assuming you like democracy
What does keep me up at night is Project 2025, a governing blueprint designed by a collection of former Trump administration officials who seem to have looked at Adolf Hitler’s path to power in 1930s Germany and thought, “Yeah, there are some pretty good ideas here.”

Rex Huppke

Here are some of Project 2025’s most radical and controversial elements:

Reproductive Rights:

Project 2025 proposes removing the term “abortion” from federal laws and regulations, reversing the approval of abortion pills, and restricting federal funding for reproductive health services. This includes reinterpreting Medicaid statutes to disqualify providers of elective abortions (Media Matters)​​ (Democracy Forward)​. Basically, Project 2025’s stance on reproductive rights is about rolling back access to abortion and related services, using legal, regulatory, and funding mechanisms to achieve their goals. This would make it significantly harder for women to access safe and legal abortions in the United States. That’s no big surprise, after we all saw Trump’s puppet Supreme Court overturn Roe vs. Wade two years ago. A few more notes on reproductive rights Project 2025 seeks to implement:

  • Banning Abortion Pills: One of the project’s goals is to reverse the approval of abortion pills, making it illegal to obtain them through the mail or other means. This would significantly reduce access to medical abortions, especially for those who live in areas without nearby clinics​ (Media Matters)​​ (Democracy Forward)​.
  • Eliminating Federal Funding: They want to cut off federal funding for any healthcare providers that offer abortions. This includes reinterpreting Medicaid statutes to disqualify these providers, effectively reducing the number of places where women can access safe abortion services​ (Media Matters)​​ (Democracy Forward)​.
  • Reviving Old Laws: Project 2025 seeks to reinstate the Comstock Act, an old law that restricts the distribution of abortion-related materials and medications through the mail. This would add another layer of difficulty for those seeking abortions​ (Media Matters)​​ (Democracy Forward)​.
  • Limiting Federal Support: The plan includes restricting federal programs that support reproductive health services, further narrowing the resources available to women seeking abortions or related healthcare​ (Media Matters)​​ (Democracy Forward)​.
  • Reinterpretation of Laws: Project 2025 aims to reinterpret existing laws and regulations to be more restrictive towards abortion. This would likely involve new legal definitions and guidelines that make it harder for clinics to operate and for women to access services​ (Democracy Forward)​. These old white men just love controlling our bodies, am I right ladies?

Project 2025 on LGBTQ+ Rights:

The initiative seeks to eliminate federal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals and promote conversion therapy. It includes plans to criminalize being transgender and prohibit federal support for queer people through various policies​ (Political Research)​​ (Democracy Docket)​.

  • Eliminating Federal Protections: The project aims to strip federal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals across various areas, including healthcare, employment, and education. This would remove safeguards that prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity​ (Political Research)​​ (Democracy Docket)​.
  • Promoting Conversion Therapy: One of the more controversial proposals is to encourage research and support for conversion therapies, which are practices aimed at changing an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. This is despite widespread disapproval from major medical and psychological associations, which consider these practices harmful​ (Political Research)​​ (Democracy Docket)​.
    • Please Note: Every major medical and mental health organization in the United States has condemned conversion therapy. This includes the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychological Association (APA), and many more.

    • Not to mention, there’s no solid scientific proof that conversion therapy can change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The afformentioned psychological organizations, the APA and AMA, have found literally NO evidence that these practices work. They emphasize that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent aspects of who we are, not something that can be “fixed” or changed​ (Political Research)
  • Criminalizing Transgender Identity: Project 2025 proposes measures that would effectively criminalize aspects of being transgender. This could include restricting the ability of transgender individuals to legally change their gender on official documents and denying them access to gender-affirming healthcare​ (Political Research)​​ (Democracy Docket)​. Sure, let’s just criminalize an entire group of people! Are these people for real??
  • Restricting Federal Support Programs: The project also seeks to prohibit federal programs from supporting LGBTQ+ individuals. This means cutting funding and resources for initiatives that provide assistance and protection to the LGBTQ+ community​ (Political Research)​​ (Democracy Docket)​.
  • Reinterpreting Laws and Regulations: Project 2025 includes plans to reinterpret existing laws in ways that undermine LGBTQ+ rights. For example, they may redefine sex discrimination laws in order to exclude protections based on gender identity and sexual orientation​ (Political Research)​​ (Democracy Docket)​. Which let’s be real: of COURSE they would.

Economic and Social Policies:

Project 2025 includes proposals to cut overtime protections, reduce efforts to lower prescription drug prices, limit access to food assistance, and eliminate the Head Start early education program. Project 2025 also aims to shift more people from traditional Medicare to private options like Medicare Advantage, which are often less favorable​ (Democracy Forward)​. No surprise here. They don’t want you to have an abortion for a baby you can’t financially support, but they also won’t help you once that baby is born. Makes a lot of sense. </ end sarcasm here. >

Civil Service and Administrative State:

One of Project 2025’s key goals is to dismantle the “administrative state” by purging the federal workforce and replacing employees with those aligned with conservative principles. This includes a detailed plan for the first 180 days of the new administration to overhaul federal agencies and implement this vision quickly​ (Democracy Docket)​.

Climate and Environmental Policies:

Project 2025 intends to roll back environmental protections and climate action initiatives, potentially leading to increased pollution and weakened federal efforts to combat climate change​ (Democracy Forward)​.

  • Deregulation: The project advocates for significant deregulation of environmental protections. This would involve rolling back many of the regulations put in place to limit pollution and protect natural resources. The goal is to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses, even if it leads to increased environmental harm​ (Political Research)​​ (Democracy Forward)​. Because who needs a healthy planet to live on?? ‍♀️
  • Climate Change Skepticism: Project 2025 exhibits a skepticism towards climate change policies. It aims to dismantle federal efforts to combat climate change, including withdrawing from international agreements like the Paris Agreement and cutting funding for climate research and renewable energy initiatives​ (Democracy Forward)​. Sure, because we’re not killing the planet fast enough as it is.
  • Energy Policy: The project favors expanding fossil fuel production, including oil, coal, and natural gas. It supports reducing restrictions on drilling and mining, both onshore and offshore. This approach prioritizes energy independence and economic growth over environmental sustainability​ (Democracy Forward)​​ (Political Research)​.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Overhaul: Project 2025 proposes a significant restructuring of the EPA, aiming to limit its power and reduce its ability to enforce environmental regulations. This would likely involve cutting its budget, reducing staff, and shifting responsibilities to state governments, which may have less stringent environmental standards​ (Democracy Forward)​​ (Political Research)​.
  • Public Lands: The project includes plans to open up more public lands to commercial activities like logging, mining, and drilling. This would prioritize economic development over conservation efforts, potentially threatening biodiversity and protected ecosystems​ (Democracy Forward)​. Yeah, conservatives really just don’t give a shit about our planet. Full stop.
  • Rollback of Clean Energy Initiatives: Project 2025 seeks to cut support for clean energy projects, such as solar and wind power. It would likely eliminate subsidies and incentives for renewable energy, favoring traditional energy sources instead​ (Political Research)​. Big shocker, I know.


Project 2025 advocates for stripping funding and protections from public schools, potentially undermining the quality of education and the ability to provide safe, inclusive environments for all students​ (Democracy Forward)​.

  • Did I mention that they want to completely eliminate the Department of Education? Yeah, they want to do that, too. Because who needs informed, educated citizens??

Immigration and Border Security:

Project 2025 emphasizes defending national sovereignty and borders, likely involving stricter immigration policies and enforcement measures​ (Democracy Docket)​. Well, no shit. Trump has been calling immigrants rapists & criminals & accused them of “poisoning the blood of our country” for a loooong time now. ‍♀️

Overall, Project 2025 represents a significant shift towards an ultra-conservative vision of governance, affecting various aspects of American life from civil rights to environmental regulations and economic policies​ (Media Matters)​​ (Democracy Docket)​​ (Democracy Forward)​​ (Political Research)​. The idea is to roll back many of the policies put in place by previous administrations, especially those related to climate change, healthcare, and social programs.

Supporters of this ridiculous agenda argue it’s about streamlining government and boosting economic freedom, but those of us with a brain— a.k.a. the “leftist,” “woke” “critics”— see it as a move to dismantle protections for vulnerable communities and the environment. It prioritizes corporate interests over public welfare, inevitably leading to more pollution, less healthcare access, and greater inequality. In short, Project 2025 is an attempt to reshape the government in a way that benefits a very select few at the expense of many, causing harm to both people and the planet.

Project 2025 should scare ANYONE who calls the U.S.A home. Stopping this poisonous agenda from succeeding is of the utmost importance right now. That’s why it’s so important to Vote Blue this November. If you’re not registered to vote yet, you can register here. It’s really easy; I promise!

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