Heartwarming Story: Woman Watching Livestream Saves Ethel the Pig's Life, On The Road with Steve Hartman

Heartwarming: Woman Watching Livestream Saves Pig’s Life

Fact: I love animals. I also love heartwarming stories. And I love the CBS Evening News segment, On The Road with Steve Hartman.
The stories vary from animal rescues to organizations helping disabled children to everyday citizens doing good deeds: it’s always on at the end of the news, and it’s my favorite segment. Whatever the topic, the stories featured are sure to put a smile on your face and maybe even bring a tear or two to your eyes.

So the other day, I found this new On The Road story about a woman who just happened to be watching a video Livestream of a pig named Ethel, when a fire began in Ethel’s pen. It’s such a sweet story, give it a watch below. Everyday heroes can surface from the most unlikely places.

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Photo credit: CBS News

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