Best of Netflix: Halloween Edition

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Best of Netflix Scary Movies on Netflix Halloween Movies Horror True Crime

Best of Netflix: Halloween Edition

Reading Time: 7 minutes

In keeping with my tradition of celebrating Halloween, the following is a list of the best of Netflix movies to stream & watch if you’re in a spooky mood. Some are horror movies, some are crime movies, some supernatural, but all are a bit creepy in their own ways.


Netflix Streaming Halloween Minhunder

Why you should watch: If you like true crime like me (I’m a bit obsessed), then you will love love love Mindhunter, a Netflix original series from David Lynch. Based on the detectives who coined the term ‘serial killer’, this show is effing amazing. Great characters, all around writing, and the actors who play the actual serial killers are downright amazing. In a creepy as hell sort of way, naturally.

Watch it here.

All Good Things

Netflix Streaming Halloween All Good Things

Why you should watch: If you watched The Jinx on HBO, then you know about Robert Durst. This movie All Good Things is based on Durst’s life over 20 years or so, including the disappearance of his wife in the 70s and later the death of his friend. Ryan Gosling plays the “Durst” character so well that he’s downright chilling.


Netflix Streaming Halloween 1922

Why you should watch: I really enjoyed this movie. It feels like a classic sort of horror movie… bad things continue to happen after an initial traumatic event in the beginning. It’s all downhill from there. Based on a novella by Stephen King, I’d say 1922 does it justice.

Watch it here.

Manhunt: Unabomber

Netflix Streaming Halloween Manhunt: Unabomber

Why you should watch: I love love love this show, almost as much as I loved Mindhunter. The Unabomber case has always fascinated me, and they really pull it off well. A bit slow in parts, I would totally recommend this show.

Watch it here.


Netflix Streaming Halloween Creep

Why you should watch: I never thought Mark Duplass could play a scary character. This movie changed my mind about that. At first I thought it was cheesy, but as the movie went on, it lived up to it’s name more & more… downright creepy. Watch out for Peachfuzz.

Watch it here.

Stranger Things

Netflix Streaming Halloween Stranger Things

Why you should watch: This show is an obviously perfect choice for Halloween movie binging. Government coverups, 80s nostalgia out the wazoo, stranger monsters roaming about… what’s not to love? Not to mention, Season 2 is just about to come out. WOOT!

Watch it here.

The Good Neighbor

Netflix Streaming Halloween The Good Neighbor

Why you should watch: This is another movie that surprised me in how much I ended up liking it; really well executed & the ending left me reeling. Nice use of suspense.

Watch it here.


Netflix Streaming Halloween Okja

Why you should watch: Full disclosure- this is NOT a horror movie. That said, I’m including it anyway, because by the end of the movie, it almost DOES feel like a horror movie. So good. I can’t say it enough. So so good. Watch this flick; it is so worth every moment.

Watch it here.

Dig Two Graves

Netflix Streaming Halloween Dig Two Graves

Why you should watch: This is more of a traditional horror movie. Death of a young person. Some evil characters with supposedly magic powers. Rising the dead. An old dude with a voice that sounds a lot like Jeff Bridges. It’s got a little bit of everything. Give it a watch.

Watch it here.


Netflix Streaming Halloween Zodiac

Why you should watch: The Zodiac killer tormented San Francisco for years. This film portrays the serial killers twisted acts to a T. It’s dark, filmed oh-so-well, & stars not only (my personal favorite) Jake Gyllenhal, but also Mark Ruffalo & Robert Downey Jr. Super good.

Watch it here.


Netflix Streaming Halloween Nightcrawler

Why you should watch: Jake Gyllenhal is downright creepy in this movie. Playing a strange guy who decides to take up filming crime scenes to sell to news stations, he is truly freaky. This really highlights the dark side of media. It’s dark, & damn good.

Watch it here.

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Netflix Streaming Halloween We Need To Talk About Kevin

Why you should watch: If you ever wanted to have children, just remember that some children grow up to be terrible human beings. This movie displays that perfectly, in a horrid way.

Watch it here.

The Astronaut’s Wife

Netflix Streaming Halloween The Astronaut's Wife

Why you should watch: 90s horror movie alert! Charlize Theron & Johnny Depp are great in this flick.

Watch it here.

Gerald’s Game

Netflix Streaming Halloween Gerald's Game

Why you should watch: this movie was nothing like I expected. Based on a Stephen King short story, it’s definitely psychologically creepy. A pleasant surprise.

Watch it here.

The Most Hated Woman in America

Netflix Streaming Halloween Most Hated Woman In America

Why you should watch: this movie is also not a horror movie. But, it involves murder, & it really is a great film, so I’ve decided to include it. Based on a true story.

Watch it here.

Little Evil

Netflix Streaming Halloween Little Evil

Why you should watch: this movie is charming. A farce playing on movies about possessed children, like The Omen, this movie is a cute little comedy. Not to mention it stars Adam Scott, which in my book means it’s a winner either way.

Watch it here.


Netflix Streaming Halloween Horsemen

Why you should watch: Who’s murdering people & hanging them from hooks? Dennis Quaid is a widower & detective who, go figure, is neglecting his family for his work. Not bad, & quite gorey.

Watch it here.

The Invisible Guardian

Netflix Streaming Halloween Invisible Guardian

Why you should watch: a bad ass chick detective is hot on the trail of a sadistic serial killer. She’s got a dark past of her own. All of it ties in very nicely together- I would recommend this one highly. PS: it’s subtitled, so if you’re lazy, skip this one.

Watch it here.

The Tortured

Netflix Streaming Halloween The Tortured

Why you should watch: wow this movie is DARK. A bit gruesome & more torture than I usually watch, still I was struck by the story. Basically: a young child is kidnapped & murdered by a pedophile. But things go wrong for him once the dead child’s parents get a hold of him…

Watch it here.

The Disappointments Room

Netflix Streaming Halloween The Disappointments Room

Why you should watch: this is another classic horror-esque movie. It’s mediocre but entertaining.

Watch it here.

The New Daughter

Netflix Streaming Halloween The New Daughter

Why you should watch: Look out, your daughter’s been possessed. Poor Kevin Costner. Again, this one is mildly entertaining.

Watch it here.

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