Why I Dislike Holidays

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holidays are dumb

Why I Dislike Holidays

Reading Time: 4 minutes

It’s Mother’s Day: that Americanized holiday where our culture, media, etc. makes you feel obligated to buy your mother something expensive, thoughtful & creative. Our American culture is obsessed with “holidays”: every damn day is a holiday. I’ve never liked holidays, personally. Maybe it’s due to my obviously cynical nature, or maybe it’s because I watched entirely too much Charlie Brown as a child. Regardless, my views of “holidays” have not changed.

Although I should be clear: when I refer to “holidays,” I’m referring to America’s version of holidays, I.E. the bastardization of anything that can be exploited for capitalistic gains. Not, you know, the way Brittish people refer to holidays. Vacations are rad.

Luckily for me, my mother is a rational non-conformist in the same way I am.
(Gee, wonder where I got that trait from?)
“Don’t worry about getting me anything. We see you all the time.” For the thousandth time in my life, I thank god my mother is not one of those materialistic mothers who buys into the culturally-imposed hype of what “love” is. And it’s true: I talk to my mother on the phone at least once a day. I see her all the time. I’m lucky for this, and I don’t take it for granted.

Holidays Are A Scam

Why do I think holidays are a scam? For lots of reasons, actually. The biggest reason is because- like a lot of other things in our culture- it’s all about money. Spend money! Buy the best gift! You must spend at least $100! It’s all so phony. Last year, Forbes reported that Americans were projected to spend 1 trillion dollars on Christmas alone. 1 trillion dollars. It’s no wonder holidays are consistently pushed down our throats as consumers. Corporations are making bank off us and our obligatory, media-driven guilt.

holidays are a scamAnd if you don’t do anything for your mother on Mother’s day, as an example, then what? You feel like an asshole. I still do, even though my mother assured me several times she did not want anything, did not need anything. I still feel like I should’ve done something at least.
Not to mention all the people who don’t have mothers- whether they’ve passed away, or left, or whatever- I’m sure those people feel like shit on Mother’s Day.

Personally, I am not a mother- I do not have children. Keep in mind I’m just using the Mother’s Day holiday as an example for my anti-holiday rant. And no, I’m not mad that I don’t have children. It’s just not my thing. My point is this: the equation is basically the same no matter what holiday you look at. Cinco de mayo? If you’re of Hispanic descent, it may actually mean something to you. If you’re a local bar offering $2 margaritas? You’re a capitalist/business/the enemy. (I kid, i kid.)

American Holidays

America is notorious for ridiculous holidays.
Thanksgiving- another example. Thanksgiving is literally a holiday based on lies (“Native Americans & the colonists were friends”) about Europeans practically wiping out an entire race of human beings for their own gain. We eat turkey and get a day off work- two days if we’re lucky. At this point, I’m so jaded I completely forgot Easter is technically a “religious holiday.” A few weeks ago, making small talk, I asked a client if her children had enjoyed Easter over the weekend. She replied that she was Jewish- they don’t celebrate Easter. It didn’t even occur to me, because all I’m seeing in my mind is easter egg hunts and marshmallow peeps.

Dumb HolidayColumbus day? “Celebrate a notorious mass murderer!” Flag day? “Because 4th of July just isn’t enough to display our unbridled, arrogant patriotism!” Halloween? Well, Halloween’s the best holiday there is, of course. (Got ya there.)
And yet, one day that’s considered a holiday in most other democratized countries (meaning, you actually get a day off of work to dedicate to said ‘holiday’)- Election Day. Nope, not here in America. South Korea? Yep. France? They hold it on weekends. Make it to the polls if you can, is the mentality in America. The state we’re in seems less surprising thinking of this point.

My own mother knows that I love her. I do not need to spend $600 on a generic, mass-produced greeting card and spa treatment that breaks my bank account for her to know this. She knows because I tell her, literally every day. If you enjoy Mother’s Day- yay! I’m happy for you. I strongly believe in a live and let live mentality. We all have our preferences, & I don’t mean to sound offensive in my viewpoints. To put it simply, I just think we should celebrate our moms every day- as they (or most of them) truly deserve. And Dad’s TOO dammit!!

In Closing

On that note – this is my favorite picture of my mama & me, back when I was in diapers.

Love you, Mom. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, continue to do for me daily, & for the woman you’ve helped me become.

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  • Oh my gosh! You hit the nail right on the head babe! It is an honor to be your mom, that goes for all of you. You all have made my life the best and I truly feel like every day is mother’s day for me – You all are my daily “present” – I have a GREAT day every day! I always say the best gift is the one you can’t buy – and I sincerely mean that. 🙂 Love you!


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