Random Cool Websites | October 2015

funny, random
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Random Cool Websites | October 2015

funny, random
funny, random
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Well I’ve been on hiatus awhile. Not intentional.
On that note, let’s get back to it. Here are a few latest fun random cool websites I’ve found in my ventures through the web world.

1. Lies that Clients tell their Designers

Because I am a designer by trade, I know the struggle is real. From logos built in Word to clients who expect me to invent their company name, I see a lot of BS. This list is so good it almost hurts.
See all of the lies at SadAndUseless.com.



2. Werner Herzog Narrates My Life As a Graduate Student.

If you’ve seen any of Werner Herzog‘s films, you will totally love this graduate student’s version of her life as narrated by the famous director. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. Megan Quinn nails this one.

There is a woman who waits in the darkness for the same bus each morning. Another woman stands stands nearby, in front of the graffiti-covered advertisement for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. The women stare into the distance, searching for the lumbering public transport vehicle that will take them to campus. They wait for their future labor like two crocodiles in adjoining tanks. There is only silence.

Read it here.
And just for the heck of it, watch this fascinating clip of Herzog talking about chickens.

3. Jaws 19 Trailer

It’s almost Back to the Future Day: October 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly goes back to the future in the famous movie of the same name. Yep. If you’re a huge fan (as I am), you may recall the movie trailer playing when Marty goes back to the future in the sequel movie. Well now you can relive it with the Jaws 19 movie trailer.  Keep track! Check out October212015.com.

4. Poorly Drawn Lines

Oh, funnies. I love them. Known for a series of funny animal comics as well as others, Poorly Drawn Lines is an excellent example. Don’t believe me?

Poorly Drawn Lines

View more on their website. NOW.

5. Strange Non-News Headlines & Stories

I love the news. And by ‘love’, I mean hate with a passion that now has only transformed it into a form of entertainment. The ridiculousness of the news culture is sometimes just too much. That said, check out my Pinterest board full of some of the dumbest news headline stories I’ve come across.

Follow J.J.’s board Strange News & Non-News on Pinterest.

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