April Fools' Day Website Gags

Funny April Fools Day Website Gags

funny, holiday
funny, holiday

Happy April Fools’ Day! Ah, one holiday I don’t completely loathe, mostly because it’s completely ludicrous.

That said: there are quite a few awesome April Fools’ Day website gags going around the internet today. But these are my favorite.

Tmobile.com – Reach your pet on the go!

This is GREAT. According to the site:

Now you can add a pet to your existing Simple Choice Plan for just $5 per month! And with a huge selection of pet‑friendly accessories and apps, your furry friends will finally get the wireless freedom they’ve been begging for.


April Fools' Day Website Gags April Fools' Day Website Gags

Buzzfeed.com – SLOTH TAKEOVER!

Check out the site & then perform the following actions:

quickly press up up down down left right left right b a on your keyboard the page will transform into pictures of sloths

April Fools' Day Website Gags

Netflix.com – Binge Responsibly

Netflix releases several 1 minute videos encouraging Netflix subscribers to ‘Binge Responsibly.’ Love!

April Fools' Day Website Gags

Amazon.com – 90s Throwback

Looking for a walk down memory lane? Check out Amazon today. It’s the 90s version of the site!


Google Maps – Hello, Pacman

And last but not least, check out Google Maps if you’re in the mood for an oldschool game of Pacman. (Please note: Addicting!)

April Fools' Day Website Gags

Have you found any other April Fools’ Day Website Gags I haven’t listed?

List them in the comments!

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