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Random Update & Jamaica Vacation

life, photography
life, photography

Well I haven’t written in awhile so I thought I’d better get back to it. It seems I managed to miss the entire month of October. It was a busy month. For starters, a few weeks ago the KC Royals lost the World Series which was a major bummer. We played amazingly well but it did make for more than a few late nights filled with intensity & a sense of pride. Really strange how much kinder the city seemed. Ah, well.
At least I got to photoshop Moose into a Royals hat.

Moose Kansas City Royals

Then of course came the mid-term elections, which was mostly a complete disaster, from my liberal standpoint. Ugh. Voting in Kansas has always been a largely pointless act for us Democrats. But, I still give it a go.

Also, I went to Jamaica for a few days at the beginning of the month. We stayed at the Jewel Paradise Cove resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica and I’ve gotta say, it was just about the closest place to paradise I’ve ever seen.  The resort was beautiful and the staff was extremely friendly. The food was decent, some of it better than others, and the drinks were awesome. The rooms were impressive and I thought the excursions we did were awesome. Not being on vacation sucks. It was good.

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