Best Netflix Movies Summer 2014


Best Netflix Movies Summer 2014


Netflix Review - Movies That Don't Suck

Well it’s that time of year again- SUMMER!

While this doesn’t mean much to me now that I’m a professional and my life is essentially one long school year (ha, I kid,) I thought it might be fun to make a list of the best netflix movies summer 2014. I touch on a lot of classics, but I try to throw a few lesser known movies in here as well. So check out the list below- each is accompanied by the film’s preview- and don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts on these at the end of the post.

Happy Netflix Streaming ­čÖé


My Girl & My Girl 2


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: These movies probably don’t need much of an introduction since they’re classics, but here we go anyway. Basically I always think of these as great summer movies as they both take place when the main character, Vada, played by Anna Chlumsky, is on summer vacation and gets into a series of shenanigans which teach her life lessons about love, friendship, etc etc. The first one is a tearjerker- so be prepared! Cute and humorous.


Something’s Gotta Give


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: I liked this movie way more than I expected. That said, OF COURSE I would.. after all, it stars Diane Keaton and of course, the amazing Jack Nicholson. It’s cute, romantic, funny, and at times, a little creepy. This movie touches on aging- namely as women- and opposites attracting.


28 Days

Netflix Movies to Watch this Summer

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Firstly let me say, I LOVE love love Sandra Bullock. As far as celebrities go, I think she has real class. I have to say I really dig this movie and have for years. Sandra plays Gwen, an alcoholic woman who checks in to a 28 day rehab following her alcohol induced destruction of her stable sister’s wedding. I have to say, this one hits home with me a lot, considering my own bouts with alcoholism. In short, its funny, cute, relate-able, and all-in-all, pretty smart. The characters she encounters in rehab who help her on her journey really make this film fun.


Cold Mountain

Netflix Movies to Watch, Cold Mountain

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Oh, how much I love this movie. It’s got all my favorites- romance, civil war, hard core wilderness-esque chick (Renee Zellwegger’s character), humor- I have too many good things to say about this film. With an amazing cast including Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and even Jack White of the White Stripes. The premise, in a nutshell: girl meets boy, boy goes away to war, boy struggles to get back to girl, girl fends for herself in the war torn South during the American civil war– all kinds of drama ensues.


The Gift


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: I dig these kinda eery, supernatural-esque movies from the early 2000’s and The Gift definitely fits in that category. Set in a small southern town, Cate Blanchet plays a widow who pays the bills by lending out her psychic abilities for fellow townies. Keanu Reeves is a bitter arse who doesn’t like her practices and he gets pretty scary at times (surprisingly, right? I know.) Giovanni Ribisi is one of my favorite known-unknown actors, and he stars as well, as does Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes.


Without A Paddle


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: This movie’s cute. Yeah, it’s not the most intelligent film in the world by any means, but it’s a good one to watch when you feel like chilling and having some good, lighthearted laughs. Starring Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard as the main characters, these guys work really well together. They play childhood friends who go on an adventure after the death their fourth compadre, and finding an old treasure map they’d hidden as kids in their old tree house. Worth the watch, if you like that kind of humor.


Safe Haven


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Based on a book of the same title by Nicholas Sparks, I enjoyed this movie more than I expected to as well. It’s romantic and sweet, the characters are kind and easy to relate to and like, and the little town it takes place in is cute. Not to mention, I was totally surprised by the twist at the end, which in my book is always a good sign.┬á Not very well known as far as these films go, I think this one is worth the watch.



Netflix Movies to watch This Summer

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Another light-hearted comedy, this movie stars Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt as a mom-daughter master con-artist team. These actresses work well together and their relationship seems believable. Ray Liotta stars as well, and turns out to play a pretty funny character. All in all, worth the watch if you’re in the mood for some easy laughs.


Legends of the Fall


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: This movie’s epic. Much like Dances With Wolves or Cold Mountain mentioned above, this movie is smart, has stellar writing, intense and believable drama, as well as characters that you just kind of fall in love with. As a huge fan of period pieces, I really enjoy this movie. Oh and did I mention Brad Pitt stars? Enough said.




WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: CUJO!! I was excited to see this movie was added to Netflix. Before seeing this movie years ago, I didn’t understand how a dog could be scary enough to base an entire horror film around. But, needless to say, it’s Stephen King and therefore pretty awesome (I think.) It’s a bit oldschool (from the 80s) so a tad slow at times, but I like those kind of scary movies so I like this one a lot.




WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH:┬á Somewhat on the same plane (pun intended) as 28 Days mentioned above, this movie tells the story of a pilot- who also happens to be an alcoholic- played by Denzel Washington. During a routine flight something goes terribly wrong and well- just give it a watch, or check out the preview below. I really enjoyed this movie.┬á It’s one of those with strong characters and it’s very well written.


The Family


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: This movie’s mildly entertaining- I’ll say that much. It’s not the greatest on this list, but it is funny for what it is. With Michelle Pfeiffer starring alongside Robert De Niro, I guess that alone is enough to make it a pretty decent film. I’m a bit fan of the mob stuff, so that helps too.


Girl Most Likely


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH:┬áThis movie is cute and has pretty dry humor. It’s about heartbreak, family, love, and the insanity that comes with- well- living in general. I dig this actress, and would watch it again for sure. Annette Bening plays the mother and she’s pretty awesome as far as characters go.


Reign Over Me


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH:┬áDon Cheadle and Adam Sandler are great in this movie. It’s sad and sweet. Basically Adam Sandler plays a guy who lost his entire family in a plane crash, Don Cheadle’s his old roommate from college. Cheadle helps him get back on his feet. It’s touching and funny, and these actors work great together.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: This movie’s a classic. Does anything even really need to be said about Ferris Bueller? This is ALWAYS a great summertime movie.




WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Ohhhhh, Clueless. This one is another classic, obviously. I don’t think this movie gets old, ever, really. And it sure does make me miss the 90s.


Anger Management


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Yep, another Jack Nicholson film for the list- and Adam Sandler as well. This movie makes me laugh my ass off, I’ll admit it- it’s funny. I like these two actors together, they’re just cute the way they play off each other. And yes, how can you go wrong with Jack Nicholson??? Really now.




WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Last Adam Sandler movie for today’s list, I have to say I was impressed by this movie. Yeah, it’s silly of course- I mean the entire premise is a guy who finds a remote control that can control his life- but it’s surprisingly very sweet and thoughtful, too. I was happy to see they’d added it back to Netflix. And with Christopher Walken starring as well, ha well- it’s good for some laughs, in my opinion.


Single White Female


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH:┬áThis movie is largely the reason that I’ve never had a roommate. It’s a bit old school, but still a great movie! Creepy in that weird, psychological, stalker-esque way. This movie’s a good one to watch, but you may look at your roommates in a new light. Ha.


A League of their Own


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: What words could even begin to sum up the awesomeness that is A League of Their Own? Starring Tom Hanks, Gina Davis, Madonna, and a TON of other stars, this movie is a classic- period. It’s funny, sad, sweet, and about chicks playing baseball. What could be better?


Dirty Dancing


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Again, this is a movie that epitomizes a summer movie flick. Nobody puts baby in the corner!


Wayne’s World


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Of course, this list would not be complete without the best movie ever made, Waynes World. *Joking. But STILL! This movie is one of my all time favorite dumb comedies. People won’t even watch it with me anymore because I quote the entire thing in the most annoying way possible. So instead of posting the trailer for this movie, here’s a video of 25 great quotes from this bad ass movie. bahaha.


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