Custom Pet Portraits

art, pets
art, pets

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to blog about for awhile now but haven’t gotten around to: I started painting again.

That’s right. You may remember a few years ago when I was avidly painting birdhouses. Well. I kind of got out of the habit.
Custom Pet PortraitsA little random background info: I taught myself how to paint when I was around 12 or 13. I received an oil paint set for my birthday & set to work. My first try was god-awful. I painted with the oils right on to sketchbook paper- needless to say, this did not end well. After that, I realized what ‘canvas’ was, and tried that out instead. I painted my first painting based off of a Pablo Picasso painting titled The Dream. I painted feverishly for a few years, until I hit my mid-teens I guess- 16 or so. (Basically, until I found all my negative behaviors… namely, alcohol.)

Since then, at almost 30 years old now, I have painted things only very few and far between. However. I recently decided to quit drinking, and have had additional time on my hands now that I’m not wasting away on a bar stool. It’s proved to be amazingly cathartic, people seem to really like them, and above all, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Custom Pet Portraits Painted

For now, I have stuck with painting portraits of people’s pets- mostly dogs thus far. I have done five in the past month or so give or take, and foresee doing many more. For full information, check out the page I’ve made dedicated to my paintings. 

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