You May Be A Graphic Designer

You May Be A Designer If…

design, featured
design, featured
  1. You purchase stock photos more often than you buy groceries.
    (For real. I’m STARVING. But, my websites look good.)
  2. You hate printers of all kinds with a burning, fiery hatred.
  3. You have a sign above your toilet in the bathroom which reads, “Flush Right“.
  4. You have had to explain countless times that Lorem Ipsum is not Spanish, Latin, French, Greek, or any other actual language.
    (Stop trying to read it. This will never be an actual language.)
  5. You dream about – or in – code.
  6. You can make bezier curves like a pro.
    (I love the Pen Tool with every fiber of my being. But good LORD, it took so many painful YEARS to master.)
  7. You circle widows in reading materials you come across.
  8. Some of the most commonly used phrases in your vocabulary include “visual aesthetics” and “typographic hierarchy.”
  9. You judge online dating profiles by the quality and composition of their profile picture.
    (No shirt-less pics or gang signs, please.)
  10. On physical trait quizzes on Buzzfeed, you answer the question “Body Type” with Droid Sans, or Helvetica Neue.
  11. You dodge, burn, desaturate, and adjust the color balance on almost every photo you post anywhere online.
  12. You either love or despise Flash.
  13. If you ever hear the word “Quark“- basically any time ever – you just start laughing.
  14. Your first kiss was with a guy who setup your first website via FTP.
    ( * sadly, this is a true story.)
  15. You’ve had long debates with friends as to whether the file format .GIF is pronounced as a hard G or soft G.
    (Apparently it’s a SOFT G. I prefer hard. “That’s what she said.”)
  16. You notice things like negative space.
  17. When you hear the term ‘PMS’, you don’t automatically associate it with menstruation.
    ( Aaaarghh. Hello, Pantone!)
  18. You know thumbnails aren’t just things you trim – they’re also small sketches in the first phase of a design project, or in the web world, a small version of a larger image, such as in a gallery.
  19. You can spot bad kerning from a mile away.
    (It BURNS!!!!)
  20. You know the names of fonts in marketing materials you come across, & state them proudly.
    (I annoy the shit out of everyone with this handy dandy trick.)


Looking for some more Design Humor?
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