Random Cool Websites | January 2014

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Reading Time: 3 minutes
Kanye Vs Creative Director

Random Cool Websites | January 2014

site, web
site, web
Reading Time: 3 minutes

1. KanyeVsCreative.com

This is pretty funny. Who said it, Kanye West or your Creative Director? starts off todays list of random cool websites.  Obviously, this hits home for us in the Design field. If you made it through design school without being forced to tears during some terrible critique in front of the entire class while vaguely trying to form intellectual sounding sentences using phrases like “aesthetically pleasing” & “subtractive color palette”, then you haven’t LIVED, damn you.
Kayne Vs. Creative Direction – Yeah, not sure which one I would prefer. At least the creative director doesn’t come equipped with a Kardashian.

Kanye Vs Creative Director

2. IncidentalComics.com

I like this guy. Grant Snider is an artist from Colorado who draws these interesting, funny and often somewhat ‘deep’ comics. Definitely philosophical as well. The one posted below is a series which is based off factual information- comics of various famous poets & their day jobs. Naturally this one’s got a Bukowski reference in it, so it’s a personal favorite.

Incidental Comics Poets Day Jobs

3. DogShaming.com

If you haven’t seen this website. You. NEED. To see this website.
At least, you do if you’re a dog lover (one might say fanatic) like me. The idea is basically this: dogs are wonderful. They’re a part of our families, our homes, our lives. But. Dogs are also total jerks sometimes. Last month, I submitted a few photos to the site myself of my own walking, pooping garbage disposal of love- Moose. When I was out one night, he had maneuvered his way into a box inside of a box containing a “Build Your Own Gingerbread House” kit. Needless to say, there was no gingerbread house this year, but there was one very full, overly large basset hound.


Moose the Gingerbread House Thief Basset Hound


4. Werewolf, the Game

No idea how I haven’t heard of Werewolf (the game) until now, but I am oh-so-intrigued. The rules are a bit long to go through, but worth it. I feel like this could be both fun and psychologically interesting. Mob mentality in game form, yes! Werewolf party is now on my to-do list.

SIDE NOTE: in finding this game, I have also discovered that Max (the creator) is ALSO the creator of the all too amazing game, Cards Against Humanity, which I recently spent New Years Eve playing. For hours. AWESOME. In fact, they seem to be creators of many awesome games- Not to mention, the bad ass idea that is 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit.

These designers are geniuses. Eureka.

Werewolf the game

5. CloudsOverCuba.com

In my profession as a website designer, it’s safe to say that I see a LOT of websites. Everyday. Every month. Year. But I have to say, I have never really seen anything like this website, CloudsOverCuba.com. Basically, it’s an interactive documentary- in the form of a video/website/timeline- about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Visually stunning, excellently crafted and executed- I’m blown away.

Clouds Over Cuba


6. Logos Rebranded in Comic Sans

Oh, comic sans. My hatred of the font knows no boundaries. It seems to be common knowledge that anything in this font is not to be taken seriously, at least by the majority of the world. The rest still use Internet Explorer. (Oh, how I hate Internet Explorer.) Kidding! Anyway. This is funny. Here we have a listing of some of the worlds top brands and most recognizable logos- with one difference: they’re all redesigned using the terrible, awful font family that is Comic Sans. Awesome.

Comic Sans




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