First Website Ever

The First Website Ever

Here we go again: my nerdiness is showing.

Luckily for my fellow nerds out there, I also have no shame. That said, here is the first website ever posted on the internet. I can barely even get my mind around that idea.
For this image, I took a screenshot of both the website and the Page Source code. Oh, glorious HTML! If only I hadn’t been eight years old twenty years ago when this first appeared, perhaps I’d be an internet pioneer.

C’est la vie.

Read more about the first website ever here.

First Website Ever



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  • Here is a little info on the precursor to the world wide web and social media, The Bulletin Board Service or BBS. My best friend and I ran one out of his parents house in 1992 at the tender ages of 8 and 10 while Mark Zuckerberg was still eating Dunkaroos playing with his Tamagotchi.

    An early online RPG called Legend Of The Red Dragon or LORD for short was pretty much the only reason anyone dialed into our server. It was %100 text based and featured colored ASCII/ANSI graphics. I still hold this early masterpiece in high regard and am a firm believer that it laid the original groundwork for World of Warcraft and all other online multiplayers. This ever-popular game among early tech savvy freaks has recently been made available for play in browser at:

    For a similar but far more nefarious old school gaming experience (think text based Grand Theft Auto meets The Silk Road) check out Usurper. For more info and in browser play head over to:

    Enjoy, I know I sure did!


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