Drunk Tank Pink • Studies in Color Design

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Drunk Tank Pink

Drunk Tank Pink • Studies in Color Design

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Every room in my house is painted a different color.

I bought this house two years ago this month. I have a sun room. Or, a really strange shaped room that leads to the back porch. I’m working on turning it into a studio; it’s the last room I haven’t painted yet.
I’ve been going back and forth.

Then I heard something strange the other day:

the story of Drunk Tank Pink.

Apparently, it’s a color that seems to effect people psychologically.

In case you don’t like watching video clips, here’s a text sum up taken from the book by Adam Alter entitled Drunk Tank Pink website:


Drunk Tank PinkDRUNK TANK PINK (n) : A bubblegum-pink color; in the early 1980s, psychologists daubed jail cells with drunk tank pink paint and discovered that the color calmed aggressive prisoners.  Soon, enterprising football coaches began painting their visitors’ locker rooms with the same shade, hoping to pacify their opponents.  Buses painted their seats pink and discovered that vandalism rates declined; door-to-door charity workers wore pink shirts and their donations rose threefold.

Will I paint my sun room drunk tank pink? Doubtful. But the idea is growing on me.
Click here to read more.

I heart color.

( Source: adamalterauthor.com/book/ )

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