The State of Women in Media

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The State of Women in Media

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I guess some people would say I’m pretty laid back, but there are many things I have great passion for. And generally, when I care about something, I care about it greatly. I also can be accused of being a feminist from time to time, although like a lot of “feminists”, I simply wish there was more equality and opportunity for all people, including women.
That being said, may I present pure awesome in mobile app form: the #NotBuyingIt App.

#NotBuyingIt App

Essentially, this app is fully socially integrated and allows for users to upload and post commentary regarding advertising they’re confronted with in daily life, both positive and negative, in their view of women.
WomanAbsolutely geinus and I’m somewhat sad I didn’t think of it first. I donated $25. I think this, should it take off, could really be an enlightening force in our society of social media obsession. Companies certainly don’t want to be featured as being negative in the eyes of their women consumers, right? To me, it seems like this might be the only way to make a real difference- collectively, and strongly.

Needless to say, for the most part there is a huge problem with how women have been, are, and continue to be portrayed in the media. Though my job deals largely with advertising and the marketing culture, I’m the first to admit that I think of “The Media” as my ultimate nemesis. (Then again, perhaps that’s partly why.) However, it seems to me as though there is progress being made, slowly (but surely) as it may be. I think we can see traces of this in a variety of ways.

But we’re still behind. The media consistently portrays women as incompetent and unable to make their own choices. Choices they do make themselves tend to sway in favor of what men would like of them. Being a female  web designer, I personally see the imbalances all the time in my career field especially, even in the short few years in the professional field. This advertisement for GoDaddy is one I saw a few months ago while randomly scouring the internet. Am I being overly sensitive by being offended by this ad? Have I been brainwashed into thinking I’m being overly sensitive for fear of being called a feminazi? Is it REALLY that big of a deal for them to even consider throwing a woman into this ad featuring five so-called “web builders”? If it were five women featured as these “web builders”, would people be more likely to notice the imbalance?
Who knows.

Either way, it’s definitely the #NotBuyingIt type of material.


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