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Random Cool Websites | 2.7.13

25 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know

Who knew? You CAN learn things on the internet! (okay, duh.) These are awesome, strange, cool facts, complete with little hand drawn graphics. Love it love it. Check out all of them on Wave Avenue.

Surprising Facts

21 Things We All Need

Written for Thought Catalog By Nico Lang, this is a great list that helps us not only remember what’s really important in life, but that we all deserve to be happy. (Love me some Thought Catalog.)

Things We All Need

New Hive

Remember the “One Line Drawing” game? Well I guess this is somewhat similar- or at least in the way I just went about it. The site New Hive allows you to sketch using your mouse on a blank canvas. Below is the doodle I came up with in a couple of minutes. I’m calling her Medusa. (Yeah, she’s just a bit terrifying.) Check it out for yourself.

New Hive Medusa Drawing


How To Be Perfect

This is great. An excerpt from author Ron Padgett‘s book How to Be Perfect, there’s some real life lessons here. Best of all: short, sweet & to the point. For instance: Wear comfortable shoes. Do not spend too much time with large groups of people. Plan your day so you never have to rush. Highly suggested.

How to be Perfect

I Am A Stuffed Animal

I want one of these so badly I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. Found this site the other day and, eeek! Is it geeky? Yes. Is it also awesome and wonderful in every way? YES. At I Am A Stuffed Animal, you can create your very own stuffed animal… of yourself. Probably one of my favorite geek gifts ever. Ahh, the joy!

I Am A Stuffed Animal


JibJab is one of my favorite things ever. In short, you can make videos of you and your friends by adding their heads onto bodies in various videos. There’s some free ones too, which is cool- or you can take the other route if you’re a giant dork like me and pay to get the premium ones. (Hey, what can I say.) Below is a still of a video I made starring my dog (naturally).



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