KC Snow storm & Other News

kansas city, life, news, whatever
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Kansas Snowstorm

KC Snow storm & Other News

kansas city, life, news, whatever
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Well to sum it up, a lot has been going on since in not only the past week, but the past few weeks during which I have not been as good as I would like about writing here.


In a nutshell:

Kansas & Missouri were declared in a state of emergency massive snow storm blew through today.

Blizzard Overland Park KS, by Dave Kaup/Reuters

Well I guess they weren’t kidding about this blizzard after all.  It snowed heavily all day- cars only going 15 mph on the highway and of those, half were stuck. Everywhere seemed to be closed, even fast food restaurants. Snow falling at a rate of three inches an hour. I read that the last time a state of emergency was called in a snowstorm situation, it was in February 2011 – which I also wrote about here. Time flies. This picture (right) was literally taken blocks from my house – from the NY Times Article linked below.


Kansas Snowstorm


There was a huge gas explosion in Kansas City.

Gas Explosion Kansas City

Driving home from work the other night, I was leaving the city on I-35 and noticed a huge plume of black smoke over what seemed to me must be the midtown area. I was wrong.
As soon as I got home, I found out all about it on the news: there had been a massive gas explosion in Kansas City, in the Country Club Plaza. Just horrible. An entire restaurant, JJ’s Restaurant, was demolished. One woman has been reported dead, numerous people were injured.

KC Plaza Gas Explosion


A few weeks ago, I started my new job in the Crossroads district of Kansas City.


I’m proud to say I am now a Digital Goddess at Ontarget Interactive, designing websites of all various sizes & industry types, as well as custom mobile apps, & (as usual) quite a few other tasks as well. To say the least, I could not be happier and am thrilled to be apart of the Ontarget family. Side note: I got to create my own title, clearly.


Last Friday was my twenty-eighth birthday.


While it was what could be called a pretty uneventful birthday, it was also probably one of the nicest I’ve had (especially in my 20’s.) As my new job considers birthdays to be holidays, as in PTO (yeah!) I had the day off and spent my day taking a stab at that whole “relaxation” thing I’ve heard people talk so much about- (AKA: Lounged around with the dogs, watched dumb girly movies on Netflix, treated myself to some major Chipotle overload- you get the idea.)


My sister got engaged on Valentine’s day.White Rose

To say the least, I am totally excited of her! Also totally stoked to design some bad ass wedding invitations and flower arrangements, etc etc etc. Hoooray! Unfortunately my mother has taken this to mean that if my sister is getting married then I certainly must be soon as well, which well- hey lets be honest- isn’t exactly my thing. C’est la vie.


Downton Abbey’s season finale really sucked.

Matthew and Mary CrawleyTalk about a bad way to end a show. I still can’t even talk about it without getting angry.



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