Reasons To Date A Graphic Designer

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Reasons To Date A Graphic Designer

Reading Time: 4 minutes

A few years ago, I posted a list I’d found on the web of “50 Reasons Not To Date a Graphic Designer.” Well, in a moment of boredom when faced with a blank Google search screen earlier I thought I’d try looking up reasons to date a Graphic Designer.

Lucky for me, there was a list in existence! (Who would imagine?) Thanks to Kitkat Pecson, I have 50 new reasons to feel like a semi-decent human being.  A pretty good list in itself, I have to say she got it pretty much dead on. Be sure to check out her website. And, naturally, I made my own snarky comments in red italics on ones that particularly hit home. linebreak

  1. You can finally talk to someone about that obscure band you love so much (an intelligent conversation, not “LOL SUCH A HEEPSTER HURR”)
  2. We live exciting lives — you can’t be boring and design well.
  3. We actually appreciate gifts from the bookstore! And useless things that look cute. (I CANNOT emphasize how true this is.)
  4. You aren’t pressured to be as punctual as a Japanese bullet train. (I will be late to my own funeral.)
  5. You get free portraits.
  6. Your presentations will never be the same again.
  7. You’ll know where all the off-beat cafes are.
  8. You’ll walk past toy store displays and be able to identify superheroes other than Spiderman.
  9. We don’t care about money. If we did, we would have attended law school. (You would already know this if you’d seen my car.)
  10. You’ll begin to think in Gotham and Aller.
  11. You can protest against SOPA and actually know what you’re talking about.
  12. It’s cool to date visual artists. It’s like dating a rock star or mountain climber. Insta-cool.
  13. You get updated about upcoming art events 2 seconds after the first tweet.
  14. You can start feeling smug about identifying illustrators/designers by the visual style. “Oh, that’s a Smithson for sure! Look at the savage lines and the social commentary. So Smithson.”
  15. You can tell everyone you’re attractive because artists appreciate you.
  16. You can start calling yourself the Muse of your loved one and perhaps future history books will mention you. “In the 21st century, the digital artist Smithson kept a Muse named Jane Doe, who pushed him to his very limits artistically and intellectually.”
  17. We can sympathize with your hate for numbers. (Oh, the raging burning never-ending constant fiery hatred which never ceases.)
  18. We will be rendered awed and worshipful by your fluency with numbers (or any equations that start including those letters and squiggly bits).
  19. We watch tasteful and funny television shows, like Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Modern Family, Community, documentaries on Nat Geo, etc. (I have not seen any of these, although I do hate Big Bang Theory with a burning passion. However, I also hate ‘fun’, or so i’ve been told.)
  20. We’ll never run out creative ways to compliment you.
  21. We’ll call a fast-food dinner a pleasantly low-brow date.
  22. If it doesn’t work out, you can refer to our relationship as a piece of art, like “The Summer of Glitter and 3-shot Espressos”.
  23. Someone will finally teach you how to use Photoshop! Praise God! (Oh how I worship thee, great Photoshop.)
  24. We have a great knack for the deeper meaning of life.
  25. When you get married, you’ll have the nicest wedding invitations. Ever.
  26. We are tech-savvy, except for accounting software.
  27. When we make handmade gifts, we make really good ones.
  28. We know all the really funny blogs, designspiration sites, and wacky art sites. Procrastination will never be the same again.
  29. We have a good eye for knick knacks and bargains.
  30. We know all the tricks for reducing file sizes and sending them speedily. (Why are you trying to send a video to me through email? That’s just not right.)
  31. We make you feel cosmopolitan. Your officemates at the bank will be so jealous that you’re dating some hot adventurer with dyed hair and a taste for music festivals.
  32. We will help you polish up your Facebook profile (begone, awkward-angle self-portraits, hello DSLRs).
  33. We followed our passions instead of our wallets, which makes us enthusiastic and wonderful people. Plus karma points too.
  34. We don’t mind if you ask us to take your picture again and again just to get the right shot. (Seriously, ask my friends. Then see #35.)
  35. We have really kooky friends.
  36. We point out things you’ve never noticed before in films, such as the production design or cinematography.
  37. We manage to make our problems sound so beautiful, you’ll wish you had them too.
  38. We can express ourselves through other art forms, like music.
  39. We’ll show your our .tifs. Ha. Ha. Ha.
  40. We are very well acquainted with the colors of the rainbow.
  41. We eat good food because we take pictures of it.
  42. We’re so sensitive. And we look good when we’re sad.
  43. We squeeze as much beauty as we can out of everything, so we’re certain to have a kickass relationship.
  44. We have memories like elephants. “Where’s the file, where’s the file… ah! printthis_nothisone_forreal.jpg”
  45. We’ll never tell you that you look fat in those jeans. We’ll say something like “Those jeans just don’t suit your well-rounded personality. And they’re not teal enough.”
  46. We point out interesting things like that unicorn-shaped cloud or that brightly painted door.
  47. When we rebel, we rebel in style.
  48. When something embarrassing happens to you in public, we’ll jump in and pretend it’s an art performance.
  49. We can understand doctors’ handwriting.
  50. The conversations you have with us are the kind wherein, 3 hours later, you wonder how the hell we go to this topic but it doesn’t matter because it’s funny!
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