Gift Ideas for Geek Girls | Christmas 2012

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Reading Time: 6 minutes
Tetris Lamp Geek Gift

Gift Ideas for Geek Girls | Christmas 2012

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Geek Girl & Unique Gift Guide Ideas for Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas. Fortunately, I started early on my Christmas shopping this year – & as usual, have completed nearly all my gift finding online- I’m almost finished, even. The joy I have for not having to wait in long lines & circle mindlessly through packed parking lots cannot be summed up in words. It truly makes my heart sing. Whatever. So, needing gift ideas for geek girls in your life?

After scouring the internet for countless hours on end searching for the funniest, strangest, most thoughtful, geekiest, weirdest & most unique gifts I could find for those in my life worth receiving an awesome gift, I have yet again compiled a list. These are some of my favorites that I thought worth mentioning. So, here is my second stab at making a geek girl gift guide sort of post for others who may be trying to avoid the above mentioned situations:  13 Unique and Geeky gift ideas for that special person in your life.

If none of these float your boat, feel free to check out my previous Girl Geek Gift Guide, from Valentine’s day.

1. Tetris Lamp

Ah – Tetris: dare I say, the best game ever created. I can remember killing hours playing that game on my first Mac computer as a kid. Good times. What true geek could resist this? Long live the blue squares.

Get it here.

Tetris Lamp Geek Gift

2. iDuck Wireless Floating Speaker

Three things: Music, Water, & Ducks. Usually i guess these aren’t things you would think of that have anything in common. Well. Maybe Ducks and water- whatever, you know what i mean. Check out this Wireless floating speaker in the shape of a duck. With this little contraption, your favorite geek can hook up their phone or iPod to the duck’s egg & jam out in the bath tub, twenty-first century style.

Get it here.

iDuck Wireless Speaker - Geek Gift

3. Love is a Dog From Hell Bukowski T-Shirt

As you may or may not know, Charles Bukowski is a personal favorite of mine. And while he may not be a largely popular well-known to the mainstream sort of writer, he is damn amazing. Bukowski seems like one of those writers you either love or hate with a passion. Or you simply have no idea who the hell he is- which hey, really is apart of the appeal, anyway.

If you know a Bukowski fan, I think it’d be hard to go wrong with this super comfy t-shirt displaying the titles of one of his greatest books of poetry, Love Is A Dog From Hell. Found on Etsy, this guy has loads of other awesome shirts in his Etsy store.

Get it here.

Love is a Dog From Hell Bukowski t-shirt

4. Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

Okay call me super girly or geeky or whatever, I can’t help it: I love stuff like this.

With three different types of butterfly to pick from, this seems to me like a cool, cheerful little gift for a girl geek as a desk decoration or something. Not to mention at only $9.99 each on ThinkGeek, it’s damn affordable too.

Get it here.

Electronic Butterfly in a Jar Gift

5. Crime Scene Scarf

Keep that special geek in your life warm this winter with the awesomeness that is the Crime Scene Scarf. One of the best things about this gift? Basically that it could be pretty rockin’ on either a geek girl or geek guy alike. I can dig.

Get it here.

Crime Scene Scarf Geek Gift

6. Vinyl Record Coasters

As I’ve noted before, geeks come in all shapes & sizes. Searching for a gift for that music geek buddy who seems to have everything? Then you probably can’t go wrong with these Vinyl Record Coasters.

Get it here.Vinyl Record Coaster Music Lover Gift7. Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

Slippers. If your geek girl is like me, then her feet are ALWAYS cold, no matter what season. I don’t know what it is about these, but I just find them to be damn cute.

Get it here.

Grizzly Bear Cute Paw Slippers Gift

8. HTTPanties

Speaking of varieties of geeks & nerds: first and foremost, I myself consider myself to be an undercover web nerd for obvious reasons. And then, Eureka! I stumbled across these adorable HTTPanties based on different web HTTP-Style status codes. In my world, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Get it here.

HTTP Panties Web Design Geek Gift

9. Lipstick Shaped Hip Flask

So maybe your geek girl likes to knock a few drinks back every now & then. Or maybe she likes to do so enough to warrant having a flask that she can easily fit in her purse. Whatever the case, this is a pretty cute gift for that fantastic lush of a geek girl in your life. Damn cute, if I do say so myself.

Get it here.

Lipstick Shaped Flask Unique Gift

10. Giant Magnet Key Holder

Minatures. It’s safe to say that I am a fan of anything that would usually be a normal average sized, boring sort of object but instead is ridiculously oversized. It should also probably be noted that a lot of us geeks can be a bit scatter-brained from time to time so this sort of gift may come in handy for obvious reasons. That being said, this Gian Magnet key holder is just about as close to awesome as you get in my book.

Get it here.

Giant Magnet Key Holder


11. Smartphone Controlled Desk Pet Tankbots

WTF? This thing is rad on quite a few levels. Not to mention totally affordable at just around $25.  Clearly this sort of office toy would be a great way to kill numerous painstaking moments at the office.

Get it here.

Remote Controlled Desk Pet Tankbot Geek Gift

12. Moose Heart Locket

Clearly, I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Moose, being that my basset hound (aka child) is named Moose. (I actually did buy this necklace and wear it everyday.) So maybe Moose aren’t your geek girl’s thing. Well maybe she loves chickens? Or submarines? I don’t know. Whatever it may be, there’s probably a necklace or a charm symbolizing it somewhere that would look rad on a heart locket necklace.

Get it here.

Moose Heart Locket

13. USB Fridge

Electronics that work via USB are pretty awesome. I’m wondering how much battery power this thing might take up if using it while working- either way, still a pretty rad computer geek gift.

Get it here.


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