Moose the Dog | One Year

life, pets, whatever
life, pets, whatever

Yeah yeah okay, I’ve been accused of being obsessed with my Basset hound, Moose. While I don’t deny it, i do have to say, as far as my OCD sort of behaviors go, Moose is the healthiest one there is. I’m not sure how I would’ve made it through the past year without Moose here by my side. Throughout my life, my pets have been important to me in so many ways, but namely in dealing with hard issues throughout my life. The loyalty of dogs is incomparable.

I got my wonderful dog Moose one year ago today. When I first found Moose, it was online through a mutual friend’s posting on (of all things) Facebook- I don’t know much about things like fate, but I kind of feel that me finding Moose was damn close, if such a thing exists.

This is a photo of Moose I found online with his Adoption profile.


Moose & me on his first day home, last year.


And this is my Moose & me- one year later.

Yes, at the risk of seeming utterly obsessed, I just had to post this. Because When I adopted Moose, not only did it help me, but it helped him. I hate to think of him locked in some cage.

While dogs do possess emotions, they are not as complex as a human’s. Dogs do, however, feel the emotions coming from humans. They feel our emotions as energy radiating from our bodies. The dog knows if you are sad, nervous, stressed, happy, calm, strong-minded, confident, passive, anxious, hyper, meek, etc.

Adopt a dog.


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