11 Geek Girl Gift ideas | Valentine’s Day

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Reading Time: 7 minutes
Geek Girl Gifts - Smart Toilet Paper

11 Geek Girl Gift ideas | Valentine’s Day

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Geek Girls Gift Guide - Ideas


i was thinking, my birthday’s coming up- as well as (EH) Valentine’s Day, & as i generally try & ignore both equally, i decided i might do something a little different this year. Change it up from my usual ‘bah-humbug’ routine, if you will.
as i said, i normally ignore my birthday, which includes not really caring about getting gifts. but being a geek girl at heart, i thought maybe it would be cool to list out some rad gadgets & random things i would like. The idea is that maybe this will be of some help to someone who may similarly be trying to find something for their geek girl, weird girl, strange girl, as well. (blah blah.) Obviously “geeks” come in all shapes & sizes- i would feel i’m more of the web design/weird collections & dog obsessive/computer dork variety. not to mention, i think some of these could be used as Valentine’s gifts for geek girls as well. I like unique, weird gifts – things that amuse me. Goofy things. And so, i have compiled the following list, as mere suggestions or ideas, if you happen to be in said position.

You be the judge.

1. Photoshop Magnet Kit

There are few things in this world that I adore more than Photoshop. It’s more of an addiction, in all honesty – then again, probably a healthy one at least (despite the fact that i may be blind by the age of 46 after so many years of staring at a computer screen for hours on end.) Magnets, as a side note, are generally awesome anyway, no matter what the situation or occasion for gift giving.
And so I rate this geek girl gift: Five Stars.
With gradient overlays.
And drop shadows.

Click here to get it.

2. Vinyl Number Typography Clock

Geek Girl Gifts - Vinyl Number Clock Typography
In my very humble opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with this rockin’ font. That 2 just kills me. And, it may be true that I have a problem with time – keeping track of it, occasionally, that is. (Mostly when working in Photoshop – curses. See previous item.) Anyway, regardless- this would look stellar in any room. I dare you to prove me wrong!

Click here to get it.

3. Things We Didn’t Know Loo Roll (TP!)

Geek Girl Gifts - Smart Toilet Paper

I’ll be honest – in the past, it’s been brought to my attention on more than one occasion that i don’t really provide any interesting (or any at all, for that matter,) “reading material” in my bathroom. This may be for many reasons. For one, my bathroom is basically the size of a small closet. Also, my bathroom is one of my favorite parts of my house, & being a perfectionist I would have to insist on having the perfect “reading material” showcased there. However, i’m also a bit OCD with these sort of things & would probably insist on changing it up every week or so – which sounds really just like a whole lot of work.
So yeah basically, i’m lazy.
Anyway- then i found this wonderful invention. “Things We Didn’t Know Loo Roll” – ah, those Brits always come up with some good ideas. Sounds like a great way to kill two birds with one stone, if you ask me.

Click here to get it.

4. USB Cup Warmer

Geek Girl Gifts - USB Cup Warmer

Well. As lame as it sounds, this product, if it actually works, might just make me believe in God.
As a Web & Graphic Designer, i can easily kill 7 hours straight on a computer working. Sometimes when you’re in “the zone”, it’s hard to pry yourself away even to much of anything. Namely for me – coffee. Which i drink religiously, a pot a day, straight up & black, & in my experience, there’s nothing worse than cold, or lukewarm coffee.
If only there were detachable “guard walls” for klutz’s like me. Lord knows my laptops have seen some coffee spills in their days.
When technological computer gadgets & coffee unite… all i see are RAINBOWS.

Click here to get it.

5. Grow Your Own Bug Eating Plants

Geek Girl Gifts - Grow Your Own Bug Eating Plants

Finally a product that combines both my love for gardening & killing bugs. So yeah, not only is this probably kinda productive & beneficial for gardening geek girls, it’s also just pretty cool. I mean, a plant that eats bugs. Really. I’ve tried to teach Moose the dog to help me out with this before, but he only really has a taste for cicadas.
Naturally i would have to name my bug eating plants.
Probably after serial killers.
(Naturally. I did mention I AM strange, right?)
Dahmer, Gacy, Bundy- oh, I can see it now.

Click here to get it.

6. Chicken Poop Lip Junk

Geek Girl Gifts - Chicken Poop Lip Junk

So this is probably the only way chicken poop could sound inviting in any shape or form – bad ass, “free range” lip balm. Clever fun name, awesome ingredients that all include names you can easily pronounce, no testing on animals – & really it’s just fun to say, “i got her chicken poop!” etc.

Click here to get it.

7. Bukowski Soy Candle

Geek Girl Gifts - Bukowski Candle

I really like Charles Bukowski. What says love like a scented soy candle branded with the name of one of your girl geek’s literary heroes?
I’d say it’s up there on the list.

Click here to get it.

8. The Brave Little Toaster on DVD

Geek Girl Gifts - The Brave Little Toaster DVD

This just seemed to be a good addition. I’m not sure how any geek born in the 1980’s could resist this movie.
But then again, it is about dancing housewares for the LOVE OF GOD.  (And of course, one fantastic, heartfelt journey.)

Click here to get it.

9. The iNecklace

Geek Girl Gifts - iNecklace

Ohhh, Apple. Is there anything we can’t worship you further with? Apparently not. Now i’ve found this $75 iNecklace, sporting the “power on” button found on Mac computers. I have to say, as far as jewelry goes, I’m incredibly picky. But this is awesome.
Sure to please any Geek Girl die hard Apple lover.
Oh, Steve Jobs… if only you’d known what you were starting all those years ago.

Click here to get it.

10. The Letter J Coffee Mug

Geek Girl Gifts - Letter J Mug

In case you haven’t noticed, I kind of have a thing for the letter J. (It’s a Scottish thing.) I found this mug on CafePress, where, naturally there are twenty five other versions of this with the rest of the letters of the alphabet. The thing is, I really enjoy black & white, very crisp, simplistic & elegant text. Straight to the point.  So naturally I’d love this sort of thing for my collection. Because yes, I collect coffee mugs as well.
Helvetica: is there anything you CAN’T make look good?

Click here to get it.

11. Knit Your Own Boyfriend

Geek Girl Gifts - Knit Your Own Boyfriend

Hm. Probably a good gag gift for a geek girl buddy. I’m not sure why I like junk this, but I thought it was kind of cute. And- added bonus – after the tragic “break-up” with the “perfect boyfriend” you have knitted, loved, cared for, you can use him as a VooDoo doll.
Hm. Actually maybe that’s a little more morbid sounding than I meant for.
(C’est la vie.)

Click here to get it.

Looking for more Unique Gifts for your Geek Girlfriend, Boyfriend or buddy? Check out my second Unique & Geek Gift Guide Ideas by clicking here.

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