Random Cool Websites | 11.2.11

funny, inspiration, random, web
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Random Cool Websites | 11.2.11

funny, inspiration, random, web
Reading Time: 3 minutes

1. Thought Catalog – Why it’s Okay to Stay in Tonight

These are some ideas (ie: excuses) I can really get behind. Instead of my usual adventurous, chaotic non-routine-routine, this week I’ve been trying to stay in. Settle my “wild ways.” You know how it goes. So naturally this list really hits home.
it makes so much sense. & then, i end up doing things like blogging about random crap other people write. But hey, at least i’m not puking in an alley way. Right?

2. 22 Words – A Dog’s Seeing Eye

This is a pretty interesting idea for a site. Then i found this story. Naturally i was immediately bawling & felt it were only right if I forced it on others as well. But then, really deep down, it’s just one of those touching series of photos that reminds me, well, there’s still some good in the world- somewhere.

3. I Can’t Find My Phone

I can’t find my phone. Well, it’s a fairly common occurence-  a problem when you were already late for work & don’t have time to figure out where you left it when you passed out last night kind of problem.
I don’t think you could say it’s one i have a lot, but I’ve been there for sure- & how awesome/really-kind-of-strange that you can type your number into a computer & call it? Just makes sense.

4. Occupy Design

Okay, so it’s safe to say this “Occupy” stuff has been a big deal in the news & media lately – groups taking action. There’s been a lot of negative things to come out of the ‘movement’ as well, namely stories of police brutality etc. Anyway, i found the image above & thought it made the whole thing make a lot more sense, for whatever it’s worth.

5. Find A Grave | Charles Bukowski

If you’re like me, then when you get really, hopelessly depressed you read obituaries in the paper or look them up online. (Which, who am i kidding, no one else does that. This is why my parents made me stop watching The Shining repeatedly at age 12.) This site, findagrave.com, really is pretty a straight to the point title.
Anyway, one of my favorite graves that i plan to visit one day is Charles Bukowski’s, located in LA. The epitaph? “Don’t Try.”
This can be taken many ways. For years I assumed it was some way of him giving one last “Fuck-You” to the world. But then I read somewhere that maybe it meant something more- something about passion. As in, if something’s worth doing then do it with your whole heart, or don’t try at all. Don’t try.
But- that’s just like Buk. Who really knows. It’s open to interpretation.

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