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49 Exotic Animals Loose, Murdered in Ohio October 2011


news, pets, random, weird
news, pets, random, weird
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This is a tragedy.

Well, to say the least this is one of the biggest headlines in news around America.
I’m not sure who i’m more sad or angry at: is it just always easier to deal with emotional issues when there’s someone around to blame?

in a nusthell: an exotic animal collector who owned a farm in ohio was, from what i have gathered from internet news websites is that he was nearly $70,000 in debt to the IRS and going through a divorce with his wife.

It may very well be easy to try and place blame on one figure/person/group when it comes to any sort of sad loss like this.
He let all of his animals free from his cages, & then committed suicide.
I believe he probably really wanted to do better for these animals. But that’s a hell of a tribe.
Read more here.

18 Bengal tigers – dead

9 male lions – dead

8 female lions – dead

6 black bears – dead

3 mountain lions – dead

2 grizzly bears – dead

1 baboon – dead

1 wolf – dead

1 grey wolf – dead

1 grizzly bear – recaptured

3 leopards – recaptured

2 monkeys – recaptured

1 macaque monkey – missing

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