Girl Wearing Suspenders Black and white

Thing I Love: Suspenders

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not really into “fashion” per say.

Most days really, i feel as though i probably appear to have dressed myself in the dark more than anything. However i do have what i like to think of as ‘staples’ to my attire. There are many of these- basic things like lots of rings, ampersand necklaces, too much eyeliner. (One of my vices.) It should probably also be mentioned that I am a bit of a noncomformist of sorts at heart, so once I find out something is ‘in style’, it’s safe to say i will rebel against it & do the opposite. i was crushed a few years ago when i heard stripes were in style, as this was a previous staple of mine for years.
That being said, one of my favorite wardrobe staples as of late are my black suspenders. When in public, i usually only see old men sporting the gloriousness that are suspenders. (sure, because that’s a word.) To me, suspenders add a shade of classiness to certain outfits i wear- they can appear somewhat masculine while still very feminine, & of course echoing on that sort of nostalgic, vintage look that i adore. one of my favorite things to wear is a knee length black pencil skirt, high-waisted somewhat, with black suspenders, & (most usually) a white shirt. Maybe it’s the definition of the lines that i love- the metallic clips. Whatever it is, i dig them.

So if they become a big time fad anytime soon, i’m afraid i might have to drop my beloved suspenders. But for now, i’ll own ’em. Just another example of my general nerdiness & obvious girl geek personality- as well as the blaring fact that i’m 80 years old at heart.


Fuck Yeah Suspenders – a Tumblr blog chalked full of awesome images of people sporting suspenders & braces.
A Brief History of Suspenders – Well, thank you Time, for this article. Larry King is the first pictured on this site- shocking? I think not.

( photo credit: shotgun jaxon )

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