amy winehouse death july 23 2011

BACK TO BLACK | Death of Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse death july 23 2011 it’s safe to say i get most of my news from word of mouth or facebook (sadly). i don’t watch much TV anymore (luckily) & the news is just far too depressing. So this morning i got a text about ‘some British singer had died.’ My first thought was, well, it must be Amy Winehouse.

Though it is not particularly surprising news it is still so sad. Looking back over the years i feel as though her music helped me through a lot of hard times. Of course she had many issues. It seems they’re still saying her death is “unexplained.” I don’t think it’s any secret that she had a lot of problems with drugs & alcohol. My guess is she may have mixed too many things- too many pills with hard liquor, something. To find out she was only twenty seven is surprising as well- i am truly saddened to hear this news. i just blogged about her a little over a month ago, briefly.

I guess i can only hope that Amy Winehouse can find peace now- it is sad that so many people are joking about her death, because of her outwardly honest bouts with her addictions. But i like to think that maybe her music can help people, and has; with as many people in the world that have similar problems, sometimes it would seem it would be nice to know there is someone to relate with. Just because she didn’t hide it like most others do shouldn’t discount her or make her death seemingly justifiable or laughable.

Well, i know i for one am grateful for the music she’s left behind.
Rest in peace, Ms. Winehouse.

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