To Believe In Dreams

To Believe In Dreams

i want to affect imaginations; take hold of the strongest power. i long to inspire new ideas, new beginnings- nightly i dream of change.

“Thrown into life without experience, naïve, I feel that something has saved me. I feel equal to life.”
– Anaïs Nin

“i looked for you on the humid downtown sidewalks, believed you might appear like some mirage tangled in the constellation of city lights. Knowing that i would not find you my heart began to play tricks on my mind.  i tried to find your eyes in all the window reflections lining the deserted city roads- halos hung around streetlamps that lined the street, breaking the black night. Your image imprinted in my mind as though i had seen you three thousand times before- as if this mirage were truly concrete- as if these silly kind of dreams could ever really come true.

My mind knows the truth, though- while swayed by my deceptive heart still… it knows.

Either way i will continue to believe in such dreams.”

(photo by me, taken in my garden at dawn.)

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