The Winchester Mystery House

featured, random, web, weird, whatever
featured, random, web, weird, whatever

i’ll admit it: i desperately loved the show Unsolved Mysteries as a kid. I love strange, seemingly unbelievable stories.
And Robert Stack was a great host.

A personal favorite oddity in American culture that i first saw on that show was The Winchester House. (Mystery House- whatever.) Anyway,  I’ve always wanted to go there. That, or marry a rich guy who leaves me all his money so I can build my own similar wicked crazy house. (kidding.)



Sarah Winchester was the wife of William Winchester, who was the heir to the famous Winchester rifle fortune. He died in 1881, leaving her an insane amount of money, so what did she do?

She built countless rooms onto their mansion until the day she died.

Basically it’s said she did this to “appease spirits” of the dead who had been killed by the rifles that contributed to her immense fortune.  She was seemingly infatuated with it- was said to have slept in a different room every night. My personal favorite is the staircase that leads to nowhere. Then there’s the second floor door that opens to nothing. There’s a lot of math involved.

Originally when she bought the house, there were six rooms. Over time there were 160 rooms built, although rumors say that over 600 rooms were constructed & torn down over the years.


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