Random Cool Websites | 6.5.11

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Random Cool Websites | 6.5.11

Reading Time: 2 minutes

1. Incredibox.fr

i’m not really sure why, but i feel like i should start this post with this site. Incredibox is pretty genius & awesome, period. Check it out. I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed.

2. One Word.com

This is a fun way to kill a few minutes & get creative literary juices flowing. & sometimes, depending, it can also make you feel very smart. The goal: one word, a minute to freewrite whatever it brings to mind, & then read others results.

3. What Happened In My Birth Year.com

Want to feel old? I know i do. (right.)
This site is pretty cool.

4. Life Hack.org

Great list here, in my opinion: “60 Small Ways to Improve your Life in the Next 100 Days.” And really, a great site, all around.

5. What Should I Read Next.com

if you’re a book nerd like i am, this site is probably for you. In short, you search for a book then it generates similar book suggestions for you. I’ve tried all kinds of obscure titles & it seems pretty accurate. Now if i can make it through the ten book high stack on my bedside table, i’ll know where to go. Brilliance.

6. Designers Couch.org

“59 Amazing Street Art Images” is amazing. i love guerrilla marketing of any type.

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