I Need A Rooster Cogburn

When i first heard that The Cohen Brothers were redoing True Grit, originally a John Wayne film, i’ll admit i didn’t have much hope. John Wayne is one of those infamous actors that i just couldn’t see being redone. An American icon. However, i am a HUGE Jeff Bridges fan, as well as Westerns in general.(image) not that i’ve seen many. I’ve always been kind of a history buff.  There’s something about that period of time in American history where the west was still a wild frontier, bank & train robbers roamed freely, usually escaping punishment & there were even bad ass women who made a name for themselves like Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane.

It’s almost strange that i love this sort of stuff, considering the technological profession/type of person i am- i’m a web designer & would probably go crazy after a day without my electronics or indoor plumbing. Still, in a way, i think those were almost simpler times- though i believe there are advantages & disadvantages to both that time period & this one alike.

SO: this brings me to my point. The 2010 version of True Grit was released on DVD here today. i could not be more stoked. (of course, everyone’s been telling me to ‘just download it’ all week. i try not to rush life, okay? also, my computer hates me.)  i saw the movie in the theatre months ago & was blown away. i love the darkness of the Cohen brothers films- they’re in a league of their own. i think this version of the movie came out amazingly well, & Jeff Bridges did a kick ass job as Rooster Cogburn (as expected.) i love good films. Sometimes it seems like the only way i’m able to get out of my own skin for awhile.

Even if i myself can’t be an old gunslinger chick from the 1800’s, at least i can fake it.

Plus- who doesn’t love a good, old fashioned revenge story?

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  • Anonymous
    06/11/11 3:23 PM

    u00a0i have to say, i am a huge fan. hard to go wrong with Jeff Bridges!

  • Anonymous
    06/11/11 3:24 PM

    n n i have to say, i am a huge fan. hard to go wrong with Jeff nBridges! n nu00a0


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