Chick Music I Dig (in a Nutshell)

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

Chick Music I Dig (in a Nutshell)

Reading Time: 5 minutes

So I’ve never really called myself a feminist per say, but i won’t say i haven’t been accused of it on more than one occasion.

While that may largely have to do with my taste in music, literature, beliefs, style, etc.- i guess i’m just saying i do love me some good chick rock.
So on that note, this is a short compilation of some of my favorite & most inspiring chick music by chick musicians, in no particular order because i basically love all of their music for different reasons. In a nutshell.

Here’s the tip of the iceberg…

Cat Power

I love Cat Power. Chan Marshall is just an amazing lyricist & musician. There’s something about her raw, almost bluesy voice that could make even a nursery rhyme sound deep or meaningful. she is definitely on my top 5 played artists over the passed five years or so. There’s something that feels sad in an almost happy way in a lot of my favorites of hers. I first heard her song Baby Doll on the credits after an episode of Intervention (if that’s saying anything.)

Her father was a Blues musician and she dropped out of high school & began performing under the name Cat Power. When i think of Cat Power, i think of snow storms, long hours at the coffee shop, late nights with a bottle of red wine.

Favorite Songs: The Greatest, Willie, Lived in Bars, Werewolf, Metal Heart, Speak For Me, Cross Bones Style, Empty Shell, Sea of Love (cover)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

karen oI love Karen O. I consider this chick music even though there are dudes in her band. So good. Most of their songs are upbeat, heavier, kind of angry- but a few of them i dig have that sad undertone to them. Luckily i got to see this band live once, & she’s such an engaging lead singer it was amazing.  Just like you’d expect i guess. it’s the kind of music even i could dance to probably (which is DEFINITELY saying something.)
This is the kind of music that reminds me of driving down a streetlit highway on a summer night, singing aloud to the front seat not caring.

There are so many good lyrics. “I wish I could buy back the woman you stole.”

Favorite Songs: Turn Into, Warrior, Rich, Maps, Y Control, The Sweets, Way Out

Joan Jett

Of course, Joan Jett. The ultimate. She is my favorite, one of my idols for 12+ years. The Runaways & Joan Jett are one of those core sounds that I probably won’t ever get sick of. (I was into older school chick punk as a kid, naturally.) Joan Jett is not a chick you would mess with. She’s the reason i bought black leather pants, pink converse, & wrote things like “I LOVE ROCK N ROLL” all over my sneakers in high school. Collected the rare posters I could find. There will always be a special place in my heart for Joan Jett.

It’s good, old-fashioned chick rock. Angry, straight to the point & ah, fun guitars. I might even have a black heart tattoo, though I don’t credit it for that reason alone. Joan Jett reminds me of old fashioned jukeboxes & being sixteen again. If i was a rock star, i would be Joan Jett.

Favorite Songs: I Hate Myself For Loving You, Bad Reputation, I Love Rock N Roll, Victim of Circumstance, Crimson & Clover, Cherry Bomb (Runaways Era), World of Denial

Tori Amos

Tori Amos is strange. But that’s what I love about her. I’ve been listening to her music more than any other artist on this list; I can remember first hearing her song Jackie’s Strength as I was driving somewhere with my dad at age twelve. I was hooked. Choirgirl hotel was my first album, & I love so many of her songs it’s really hard to nail down. Maybe she’s kind of an acquired taste.

Naturally i guess, most of the songs i love by Tori are very melancholy, downer type of tunes. The lyrics are so crazy sometimes you wonder what the hell she could possibly have been thinking. But on some strange level, it always seems to work. Listening to Tori makes me think of being fourteen years old, dead of winter sunsets walking alone.

Favorite Songs: Bliss, Purple People, Spark, Cooling, Playboy Mommy, 1,000 Oceans, Raspberry Swirl, Northern Lad, Jackie’s Strength, Girl, Rattlesnakes

The Be Good Tanyas

The Be Good Tanyas are probably the most obscure band on my list here. I’ve only met one other person who even knew who they were, and it was when I playing a mix CD of their songs at the coffee shop years ago. I played them a lot there, as it’s pretty mellow stuff. It’s very folky- banjos, harmonicas, and such- once some lady asked me why i was listening to country music. I don’t really see them that way. The lyrics are probably what get me the most though, like most music i adore.
I don’t even remember where i found this band, only that i immediately loved them & found everything i could.
Their songs remind me of hopping trains in another era- some kind of dream life where bootlegging still exists & it’s always summertime, dancing in the night.

Favorite Songs: Only in The Past, Scattered Leaves, Waiting Around to Die, In Spite of All The Damage, Up Against the Wall, Broken Telephone, Human Thing, Rain & Snow

Amy Winehouse

Yeah, Winehouse has some issues. Every week she’s in the media somehow with some recent shenanigan she finds herself in, it seems. But i have to say: i love her voice, & her album Back to Black is one i listen to frequently. Not to mention the hair. A little much, but overall, I love the look (I’ve always loved that Priscilla Presley wanna-be look.) She’s like Priscilla who’s drunk all the time, with no famous husband & an awesome voice.
Amy Winehouse reminds me of singing in the shower, & stiff drinks, dusty jukeboxes & tear-stained eyeliner.


Favorite Songs: You Know I’m No Good, Back to Black, Wake Up Alone, Me & Mr. Jones, Love is a Losing Game, Valerie, Hey Little Rich Girl

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