TALES FROM THE CUBE | Highlighter Madness

TALES FROM THE CUBE | Highlighter Madness

Well, another day, another dollar.

Stupid story: i couldn’t find a belt this morning, & my suspenders just didn’t really go with these bad ass cowboy boots i’m sporting today (see above.) i scoured the radio station for a safety pin, but alas, could find none. However, on this search of mine, i did manage to raid the Office Supply closet. This is something i do every few months. & let me just say: i LOVE office supplies. Highlighters, Post-it Notes, Sharpies, Paperclips… i guess i’m just easily amused.

The picture above is, of course, me in my cubicle showing off a few of my new treasures, as well as the cowboy boots. My shirt is awesome, too: Belle & Sebastian‘s “I’m a B&S Bookworm” shirt… i believe purchased from Urban Outfitters years ago. Since my apartment’s been basically packed for 2 months now, i’ve been digging out a lot of the old threads.

(i know, i know. You wish you were as cool as me.)

Favorite Belle & Sebastian song as of this exact moment: I Don’t Love Anyone.
Belle & Sebastian are awesome on many levels, by the way. Definitely one of the bands on my list to see before i die. & major plus: they’re Scottish!
Listen below- although I’ll warn you, the fan video the song’s put to is pretty intense.

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