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TALES FROM THE CUBE | Tornado Warning July 25

Well mother nature has been going a little crazy in the Midwest lately.

Joplin, Missouri was wiped out a few days ago- just horrible. Then today around eleven a.m., here in KC we found ourselves under a tornado warning.
I however was out picking up lunch when this warning went into affect. Also, was listening to my music too loudly (naturally) so didn’t hear the sirens until i got home. In short, i couldn’t get through to anyone at work on the phone & wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, nevermind the fact that it was crazy outside. Dilemma for sure- i had left my computer + hard drives at work, so was freaking out of course. So i grabbed Romeo the turtle & drove back to work, making it just about 2 minutes before our V.P. here made everyone take shelter. Luckily we did not get hit by a tornado. I was surprised by this of course, as i just bought a house & have definitely had the bad luck wind at my back as of late.

Above is a picture i took after the scare was over. I was literally drenched from the insane rain & just miserable (as if that isn’t obvious.) Not pictured here of course is Romeo, hanging out in the empty Corona Light box on the ground next to me, pissed off & just being a general punk. Damn bipolar midwestern weather.

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