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Reading Time: 2 minutes
pointless questions.
How long have you had your computer? 3 years.
Who is in your house right now? mr. moose dog, romeo the turtle & me.
How long have you been going out with your boyfriend? n/a
What was the last thing you did when you left your room? told romeo about the existence of life.
Is your computer located in your room? laptop.
How many square feet is your kitchen? how should i know?
Why are you still taking this survey? i have no idea, i must just have a really enriching night going on here.
Which ANSI smiley do you like most: 🙂 🙂 😉 😉
smileys are the devil.

Who do you love?
and do you think this will change in the next week or so?
my parents & a few really awesome friends. & my moose & romeo. so, no.

What was the last mean thing you said to someone?
Who did you tell it to?
“i want to suck your blood.”
a mime i had just met.
How many times did go to the bathroom yesterday? do people actually keep track of that?
How long has it been since you watched TV? for longer than 20 mins: about 2 months.
How old is your sister/brother if you have one? 22 sister, 21 brother.
Is this your computer? no, it was hitler’s computer.
Who was the last person to use it other than you? probably satan.
What is your sexual orientation(gay, lesbian, bi, or straight)? all of the above.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lolli-pop?
3? i hate math but owls ring a bell
Do you like string cheese? i love any cheese.
Who is your worst enemy? paris hilton.
-Why do you hate them? what’s not to hate?
Are you a mean person? obviously.
When was the last time you took a shower? do people actually keep track of that?
Last time you fell over? probably last night.
well, there’s a bruise but- you know know, right?
How about let someone smack you in the face? i don’t think i’ve ever LET anyone smack me in the face.
-Did you deserve it? probably.
-Did you hit them back? probably.
If you live in a state that has outlawed you from marrying your gender of choice, would you move? yes because i agree with everything else my state has
outlawed so that would totally be a deal breaker.
How old is your car? 1987 so…
If you dont have a car, why dont you? i do have a car & a strange infatuation with bronco IIs.
How old is your mother? who wants to know?
And your father? boring.
What about the youngest person related to you? related? 21?
What is your profession, if any, or what would you like it to be? web designer.
Did you enjoy this survey? it’s pretty dumb.
Was it better then the other surveys you took? i don’t like surveys.
If someone says hi to you, what would you say back? i don’t really like when people say “hi” so i would just hiss.
it depends on who it is, of course.
When someone says bye to you, what would you say back? hello!
stupidity, survey, waste of time

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