Olive Green Walls Bob Dylan Poster

Olive Green Walls & Good Friends

house, life, music, pets, random
house, life, music, pets, random

well it was a long, crazy, fun filled weekend, to say the least. Lots of things learned & accomplished, which is always nice. New friends, old friends, family, music, late nights & (one!) late morning (FINALLY.)
So since i’m exhausted & craving sleep, here are just a few highlights:

1. A good friend will help you paint a living room olive green on a Saturday morning. Also it should probably be mentioned that you will never feel alone with a little Dylan in your life.

2. it’s good to have a fridge. however, it’s probably a good idea to go grocery shopping more than once a year.

3. Graduating from college is an immense accomplishment to make in life. & when it’s your little sister, you can’t help but feel damn proud.

4. & finally, i may have fallen in love with a dog named Moose.

Monday…. here i come.

basset hound, bob dylan, dogs, family, moose, olive green walls

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