HOMEWARD BOUND | & The Journey Continues

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homeward bound

HOMEWARD BOUND | & The Journey Continues

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This is something i’ve been trying not to write about for almost two months now. & let me tell you, it was tough, considering what a long strange trip it’s been. But now it’s a done deal, so i don’t think i can jinx myself too much more so i’ll say it…

i bought a house today!

That’s right- exclamation point & everything. i am a home owner. i guess hard work & saving can pay off eventually in the end huh? Who knew! In short, i am basically on cloud nine right now- have spent the afternoon in my new house. Listening to good music as loud as i want, dancing in my OWN living room, & just generally wandering from room to room trying to plot my next moves. There’s much work to be done for sure- & that’s probably an understatement. But i’m ready for it. This house is what i’m calling my new project- my summer project. so i’ll check that one off the New Year’s resolution list for 2011 – i will finally be moving out of my cramped, tiny ass no-yard no-porch apartment. i have so many plans. i’m hoping to turn the entire attic into a studio, start painting again. You know, drawing, charcoal- those old loves of mine that have in recent years been completely replaced by the computer. Office. Sun room. But… oh, the garden. I think i love the garden almost more than the house.

It’s strange. When i’ve told people i’m buying a house, i get one of two reactions – “that’s awesome! way to go.” or “don’t do it! that’s a horrible decision!” Really, i think that’s just because everyone has their own experiences with owning a home. Trust me, i have no idea what i’m doing at all BUT i do know that owning a home is no walk in the park. Yes i expect issues, problems, lots of money to be spent etc- but the bottom line is that this is really what i feel like i want for myself in my life right now. & i guess that’s all i really need. it feels right.

i’m proud of myself. (what?) yeah. i know i’m usually just making fun of myself every waking minute of my life, but i am proud of myself for this. i’m young, single, i love my job & put my heart into everything i do whether it involves the radio station or freelance work, & now i can say, i have my own, happy, little artist’s nook home. i have to say it was pretty awesome, signing the mountains of papers this afternoon, & seeing my name name listed under the address: “Jessica J. Johnston, Single Woman.” i guess that’s the Joan-Jett-Anti-Lady side of me. Whatever. i couldn’t be happier than i am right now. Nevermind that i’ll be working 12+ hour days tomorrow & the next- two major concerts. You know, it’ll be an adventure- like everything else. & i’m up for it.
So much optimism! i’ll close with that. NEXT: I NEED A DOG.

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”
– Matsuo Basho


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