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Every year, one of my stations, 96.5 The Buzz puts on what we call “Afentra’s Prom.” (Afentra’s our wonderful morning show lady & is awesome.) Anyway, it’s a free concert for 21+ & up. This year we featured The Dan Band, She Wants Revenge & The Beautiful Bodies. It’s a sweet thing because it’s fun that people dress up all fancy. (Contrary to popular belief, i do find it mildly entertaining once in a blue moon,) I wore a dress that i wore to my actual high school prom Junior year. (yeah, lame.) I have to say, in short: it was just a phenomenal time. i spent a lot of time hanging out in VIP with the awesome Buzz crew & of course, the darling Alicia Solombrino, lead singer for The Beautiful Bodies. Got backstage for awhile to catch some film of The Dan Band, our headliner for the evening. All in all, it was just pure fun. But who doesn’t love getting all gussied up & going to a free concert? Added bonus was Afentra being there, as she’s been gone for awhile after having a baby.

Who said pictures tell it better than words?

jess, alicia solo, & afentra!
love these guys. i look like a ghost.
no words for how much i love this boy.
& miss jeriney!

brian, joe & some other dude rockin’ out
alicia was my date for the evening

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