So, i never claimed to be ‘ladylike,’ ever really.

However, Scott Parks on KMBZ was apparently more than a little shocked when i nicely mentioned that on his show, Shanin & Parks, he should stop talking about the damn royal wedding because my ears were bleeding. (i kid, much, obviously.) i gave him some excedrin, talked some more smack, & this was the end result.

I am apparently the Anti-Lady. i dig the title personally & take it as a compliment, naturally.

(& no, i do not give a shit about the royal wedding of blah blah prince william blah blah whoever kate something. of course i am cynical & bitter especially when it comes to love as of late, but seriously. ken & barbie anyone?)

so here’s a random picture of me looking like a jerk. a very old picture.

thank god it’s friday.

audio, kmbz, radio, sarcasm, scott parks, unladylike

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