Funny Snowmen


so to follow my post from yesterday… yes. it snowed a lot.

in fact i’m not sure if it’s even FINISHED snowing. i’ve been avoiding looking out the door for a few hours. anyway, despite the crazy weather, i made it in to work earlier than usual. naturally, very few people came in, even if for awhile. it literally just seemed to snow all day- & in the morning, if it wasn’t snowing, it was sleeting.

unfortunately i don’t have any outstanding photos or anything yet of this blizzard, because it was a pain in the ass being outside at all. really i don’t mind snow too much though.

i thought about finding some really cool photo of something snow related to post here… then i got bored & started looking up ridiculous snowmen instead (naturally.) my fav, below, courtesy of

i found a funny Facebook event yesterday. “SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!” okay so it seems like there’s always some stupid Facebook group that someone you knew in kindergarten is trying to get you to join; ie: MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON & of course the Can This Pickle Get More Fans Than Nickleback? page (now deleted apparently) that also apparently spawned numerous other ridiculous pages & groups. anyway, so yesterday when I was sent Snowpocalypse, i figured, what the hell. there were 26,000+ fans & i thought it was kind of funny to think about how many people were being affected by the same storm.
i checked awhile ago & it was nearly at 150,00.

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