ZODIAC WARS: aquarius vs capricorn

Hamburger Jumpdrive

ZODIAC WARS: aquarius vs capricorn

& so apparently the world went a little crazy & they added a ‘new’ zodiac sign yesterday. something about the earth’s axis, constellations, etc. Me, a Capricorn? No longer a strong,  Aquarian woman, but a measly Capricorn? Needless to say, i felt like i was in The Twilight Zone all morning. i was in a daze at work.
“What’s next?” i asked my friends in shock. “My Bronco is now called a Blazer? My Marlboro Reds are now Blues?” i almost broke up with my boyfriend because i thought he was a Leo. blasphemy.
now they’re saying no, that’s incorrect. Mr. Scientist-whoever now says that that‘s not right- something about tropics & westerners. whatever the case is,


The Aquarius | Sumita Acharya
The Aquarius | Sumita Acharya

Naturally, I’ve been doing some research on the subject, as well as the Aquarius sign itself. & no, I’m not going to post some long, drawn out post about the common traits of an Aquarius, all myspace style (neon fonts etc.)  Basically, as an Aquarius woman, i am apparently independent, have “mystical” eyes & wear funny clothes.
Oh & i did find some interesting links. Hooray!

  • How To Make An Aquarius Fall in Love With You (video) – well, this is just funny. definitely sounds like me, i do have to say. but honestly, who doesn’t love going to musical productions involving tap-dancing cats? really.
  • Guide to Astrological Signs with a Seasoned Professional (video) – then i found this guy. i listened for a minute then was distracted by his tie-dyed shirt & hand painted backdrop as my “imaginative” “aloofness” got the better of me.
  • An Aquarius Woman – how long have these people been following me around? i can’t believe they even referenced my boyfriend’s pinochle games.
  • Aquarius 2011 Horoscope – Then i found out that supposedly, this will be a good year for me.. that is, if i’m still an Aquarius. Let’s hope so, ’cause i really need to move out of this one bedroom apartment.

Of course, one never really knows. Astrology is like one of those silly things i’ve identified with over the years to help understand the bigger picture. Really it’s just like anything else: a silly game that you never really know the real answer to. One thing i’ve definitely learned from all of this though, is that all Astrology sites seem to have the same advertisers.

In other news, i have been so consumed by work lately i have barely had a minute to think about anything but Radio. However it was a very good week, even if strange. all week, i’ve felt as though technology is against me. First it was the crazy blizzard on Monday that had me almost sliding through an intersection in the black Bronco. then it was my modem going out on Wednesday. i somehow managed to leave my car headlights on two days in a row at work- luckily my coworkers are now more familiar with my Broncos. & there’s this Hamburger jump drive that’s been screwing with my files all week. (But it’s still the coolest jump drive ever.)

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