HammerpressIn Kansas City, it seems as though in recent years since I’ve been studying it, Graphic Design has really been taking off. It’s pretty exciting- to see all the new companies forming & the vast variety that goes with the territory.
But, i have to say…

My favorite overall are the local Hammerpress.

I first found them through school, but now I try to visit their studio in the Crossroads District downtown every First Fridays. Let me say firstly that all I find all of their art amazing & am always awed by the new things I find every time I visit. Their posters especially strike a chord with me- so aesthetically pleasing it’s almost sick. The typography is phenomenal- they can use a few brilliant style fonts in a majority of their designs & still manage to make every piece incredibly unique from one another. Also, the color schemes they use are particularly awesome & soothing to the eye.

Along with posters, they design things like corporate logos, book posters, cd packaging & from what I can tell, other awesome stuff. It’s worth checking out their website indefinitely.

In other news, a brochure I designed for the Johnson County Community College Graphic Design department (which I am obviously currently enrolled) at school has apparently been chosen for print- as in, to be the actual brochure for the design program. This is awesome to me on a few levels, but mostly I’m just a bit surprised.

The concept I was going off of here is as such:
the tree is supposed to symbolize “the tree of knowledge” &/or the graphic design community.
So, the branches are either the different career paths in life, or the different branches of graphic design.
And, the birds are in different stages of their “careers” &/or lives…
you get the picture. Right? Right.
It was originally a 2 color project, so naturally I chose black & the a sort of pastel blue– blue of course being a somewhat calming & stable color at the same time.
Thanks, Design Color class!

JCCC Graphic Design Brochure

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