i like dogs & black coffee & cowboy killers & design. call me Jess, Jessica, Jessie, J.J., triple J- i’ll probably answer. also i’m usually being sarcastic so don’t read into it too much. i’m probably addicted to photoshop. i like to think i have a pretty good heart.

Jessica J. Johnston Graphic and Web Designeri live with a basset hound named Moose & a punk of a turtle named Romeo. i am always working on at least a dozen projects at once.  i love art in all forms. i also love writing & reading.  i’m an aquarius. eyeliner is a good thing. A few of my heroes include Bob DylanAnaïs Nin, & Charles Bukowski. i try to find inspiration in everything in life.

Some other things i dig ranting about:

i’ve been teaching myself web design for over fourteen years now, with my degree in graphic design & interactive media.  i live in kansas city  & currently I work as a web designer. i’ve had online websites / blogs for long enough for it to be somewhat embarrassing. i first began writing online in 1999.

this blog is reserved for my daily musings, my recent work, & anything else i feel like ranting about. like most things in my life, it’s not to be taken completely seriously, so please keep that in mind. or if i really offend you, feel free to shoot some hate mail my way by filling out this form.

alternatively, you can visit my complete graphic & web design portfolio if you feel so inclined.  i am currently available for freelance work so feel free to drop me a line for some info. Or if you’re looking for my paintings & custom pet portraits, visit my art website at johnston.work.