Funny April Fools Day Website Gags

Happy April Fools’ Day! Ah, one holiday I don’t completely loathe, mostly because it’s completely ludicrous.

That said: there are quite a few awesome April Fools’ Day website gags going around the internet today. But these are my favorite. – Reach your pet on the go!

This is GREAT. According to the site:

Now you can add a pet to your existing Simple Choice Plan for just $5 per month! And with a huge selection of pet‑friendly accessories and apps, your furry friends will finally get the wireless freedom they’ve been begging for.


April Fools' Day Website Gags April Fools' Day Website Gags – SLOTH TAKEOVER!

Check out the site & then perform the following actions:

quickly press up up down down left right left right b a on your keyboard the page will transform into pictures of sloths

April Fools' Day Website Gags – Binge Responsibly

Netflix releases several 1 minute videos encouraging Netflix subscribers to ‘Binge Responsibly.’ Love!

April Fools' Day Website Gags – 90s Throwback

Looking for a walk down memory lane? Check out Amazon today. It’s the 90s version of the site!


Google Maps – Hello, Pacman

And last but not least, check out Google Maps if you’re in the mood for an oldschool game of Pacman. (Please note: Addicting!)

April Fools' Day Website Gags

Have you found any other April Fools’ Day Website Gags I haven’t listed?

List them in the comments!

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