Walter The Dog | Homecoming

Jess with Moose the Dog & new puppy, Walter

 Well, apparently October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Usually I’m slightly annoyed by the fact that every month has multiple causes it’s “dedicated” to. But this is a cause I can really get behind.
I’ve been looking to bring in a dog to foster recently. I found Walter through a good friend of mine who works with a lot of local dog adoption organizations. Apparently he really needed a foster home & so I contacted the organization he was posted about by, Beagles and More, and then a few days later, he was here with us.
Moose is really digging having a little buddy around to hang out with. Not to mention their personalities are so much alike it’s almost scary. Walter is a little over one year old; a beagle and basset hound mix- or a “bagel.”

BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.Walter - Sleeping beagle basset hound puppy, bagel

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