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Welcome to the interactive portfolio of yours truly, Jessica J. Johnston. You can call me Jess if you’d really like to. Out of Kansas City, I’m a jane-of-all-trades freelance graphic and web designer, avid photographer and artist, & a self-admitted WordPress addict.

Jessica J. Johnston

Services & Stuff I Do.

Website Design

It’s kind of like breathing for me.


Graphic Design

Print is in my blood. CMYK for life.

graphic design


Shoving a camera in your face at parties.


Responsive Design

Welcome to 2015.



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My Superhero Skills.

WordPress Fanatic
Custom Coder
SEO Junkie
Photoshop Guru
Advertisement Designer
Singing in the Rain

The Longer Version.

With extensive experience as a Graphic and Web Designer, I received my AAS in Graphic Design in 2009. I am highly skilled with WordPress website development and customization (CSS, PHP, HTML,) and am equally skilled with the Adobe Creative Suite. I’ve proven my ability to design both for print & web of various levels across the board, and over the years, have been recognized for awards & honors.


Graphic Design, Web Design, WordPress Development, Mobile Design, Logo Design, Creative Branding, CSS, PHP, HTML, Art Direction, Typography, Branding Development, iPhone App Art Design, Billboard Design, Mobile Marketing, WordPress Development, Creative Solutions, PHP, HTML Coding, CSS Coding, Poster & Flier Design, Illustration, Collage, Advertisement Designs, Video Filming & Production, Magazine Layout Design, Writing, Proofreading, Van Wrap Design, Eblast Design

Basically, I like making the world a little bit prettier & easier to understand.

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Feedback & Kind Words.

  • I couldn’t say enough good about Jessica’s work. I sold her a home when we were both in radio and it was really hard catching her to deal with home stuff because EVERYONE needed her for something! Not surprising because she does incredible work. She is not only a true artist but she has the most wonderful mind and heart. A true professional with a keen eye for excellence.
    — Karen Barber, Reece and Nichols O’Connor and Associates

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